MDD3752 Datasheet – P-Channel Trench MOSFET

This post explains for the semiconductor MDD3752.

The Part Number is MDD3752.

The function of this semiconductor is P-Channel Trench MOSFET.

Manufacturers : MagnaChip

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Description :

MDD3752 – P-Channel Trench MOSFET MDD3752 P-Channel Trench MOSFET, -40V, -43A, 17mΩ General Description The MDD3752 uses advanced MagnaChip’s Trench MOSFET Technology to provided high performance in onstate resistance, switching performance and reliability. Low RDS(ON), Low Gate Charge can be offering superior benefit in the application. Features    VDS = -40V ID = -43A @VGS = -10V RDS(ON) < 17mΩ @ VGS = -10V < 25mΩ @ VGS = -4.5V Applications   Inverters General purpose applications D G S Absolute Maximum Ratings (TC =25o) Characteristics Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current Pulsed Drain Current Power Dissipation Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Junction and Storage Temperature Range TC=25 C TC=100 C (Note 3) o o Symbol VDSS VGSS Rating -40 ±20 43 Unit V V A A A W (Note 2) TC=25 C TC=100 C o o ID IDM PD EAS TJ, Tstg 27 -90 50 20 128 -55~+150 mJ o C Thermal Characteristics Characteristics Thermal Resistance, Junction-to- [...]

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MDD3752 Datasheet

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