MN130S – silicon power transistor

Part Number : MN130S

Function : silicon power transistor

Manufactures : Sanken

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1. Scope MN130S The present specifications shall apply to Sanken silicon power transistor type MN130S. 2. ( 25 ) Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25 ) Characteristic Collector-Base Voltage Collector-Emitter Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current Base Current Collector Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO IC IB PC Tj Tstg Rating 200 140 6 10 4 130 (Tc=25 ) 150 -55 150 Unit V V V A A W 3. ( 25 ) Electrical Characteristics (Ta=25 ) Limits TYP MAX 10 10 140 70 180 0.5 20 250 V MHz pF Characteristic Collector Cut-off Current Emitter Cut-off Current Collector-Emitter Voltage DC Current Transfer Ratio Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage Cut-off Frequency Output Capacitance hFE hFE rank Symbol ICBO IEBO VCEO hFE VCE (sat) fT Cob Test Conditions VCB=200V VEB=6V IC=50mA VCE=4V, IC=3A IC=5A, IB=0.5A VCE=12V, IE=-0.5A VCB=10V, IE=0A f=1MHz MIN Unit A A V : 70 140 (P), 90 180 (Y) 050812 SSE-23638 1 6 61426-01 4. Plastic molded transistor accessories : Material : MICA : 0.06t Thickness 0.045 0.005 Dimensions in mm 4A-E01560 050812 SSE-23638 2 6 61426-01 5 ( No.100) Packing information (Lead Forming No.100) 5-1 Packing type, physical dimensions and material 3.2 a. MN130S b. c. a. Type Number (1) Base (2) Collector (3) Emitter (1) < > (2) (3) b. Lot Number 1st letter The last digit of year 2nd letter Month 1 9 : 10 :O 11 :N 12 😀 (1 to 9 for Jan. to Sept., O for Oct. N for Nov. D for Dec.) c. hFE hFE rank shows the dimensions measured at the bottom of lead. Cu Cu Material Ni Ni plating, solder dip treatment Ni Ni plating Specification Lead terminal Heat sink Description 5-2 Appearance The body shall be clean and shall not bear any stain, rust or flaw. 5-3 Marking The type number and lot number shall be clearly marked in white. : mm Dimensions in mm TG3A-0101 050812 SSE-23638 3 6 61426-01 6. CAUTION/ WARNING CAUTION/ WARNING Since reliability can be affected adversely by improper storage environment and handling methods during Characteristic tests, please observe the following cautions. (1) Cautions for Storage (5 35 ) (40 75%) Ensure that storage conditions comply with the standard temperature (5 to 35 ) and the standard relative humidity (around 40 to 75%) and avoid storage locations that experience extreme changes in temperature or humidity. Avoid locations where dust or harmful gases are present and avoid direct sunlight. Reinspect for rust leads and solderbility that have been stored for a long time. (2) Cautions for characteristic Tests and Handling When characteristic tests are carried out during inspection testing and other standard tests periods, protect the Power Transistors from surge of power from the testing device, shorts between the Power Transistors and the heatsink. (3) Silicone Grease When using a heatsink, please coat the back surface of the Power Transistors and both surfaces of the insulating plate with a thin layer of silicone grease to impro […]

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MN130S Datasheet

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