MS20470 Datasheet – Military Universal Head Solid Rivet

This post explains for the semiconductor MS20470.

The Part Number is MS20470.

The function of this semiconductor is Head Solid Rivet.

Manufacturer: Aircraft


MS20470 datasheet rivets


The MS20470 Rivet is the most common fastener used in the aircraft structuralassembly. The two initial letter in the part number identifies the standard, is military-Military Standard. The number 20470 identifies the geometry of the rivet, in this case: universal head. The head is like mushroom head.The identification part number presents one or two additional letters after the standard and geometry.

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MS20470 image head alloy

This letters identifies the material of the rivet. Hard 2117 aluminum alloy. Heat treated with a minimum tensile strength of 38,000 PSI. Rivet, solid universal head, aluminum alloy and titanium columbium alloy , Military Specification.


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MS20470 Datasheet

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