MSM80C154S Datasheet – CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller

Part Number : MSM80C154S

Function : (MSM80C154S / MSM83C154S) CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller

Manufactures : OKI electronic componets

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Description :

E2E1023-27-Y3 ¡ Semiconductor MSM80C154S/83C154S ¡ Semiconductor CMOS 8-bit Microcontroller This version: Jan. 1998 MSM80C154S/83C154S Previous version: Nov. 1996 GENERAL Description The MSM80C154S/MSM83C154S, designed for the high speed version of the existing MSM80C154/MSM83C154, is a higher performance 8-bit microcontroller providing low-power consumption. The MSM80C154S/MSM83C154S covers the functions and operating range of the existing MSM80C154/83C154/80C51F/80C31F. The MSM80C154S is identical to the MSM83C154S except it does not contain the internal program memory (ROM). Features • Operating range Operating frequency Operating voltage Operating temperature • Fully static circuit • Upward compatible with the MSM80C51F/80C31F • On-chip program memory : 16K words x 8 bits ROM (MSM83C154S only) • On-chip data memory : 256 words x 8 bits RAM • External program memory address space : 64K bytes ROM (Max) • External data memory address space : 64K bytes RAM • I/O ports : 4 ports x 8 bits (Port 1, 2, 3, impedance programmable) : 32 • 16-bit timer/counters : 3 • Multifunctional serial port : I/O Expansion mode : UART mode (featuring error detection) • 6-source 2-priority level Interrupt and multi-level Interrupt available by programming IP and IE registers • Memory-mapped special function registers • Bit addressable data memory and SFRs • Minimum instruction cycle : 500 ns @ 24 MHz operation • Standby functions : Power-down mode (oscillator stop) Activated by software or hardware; providing ports with floating or active status The software power-down stet mode is terminated by interrupt signal enabling execution from the interrupted address. 0 to 3 MHz (Vcc=2.2 to 6.0 V) 0 to 12 MHz (Vcc=3.0 to 6.0 V) 0 to 24 MHz (Vcc=4.5 to 6.0 V) : 2.2 to 6.0 V : –40 to +85°C (Operation at +125°C conforms to the other specification.) 1/40 ¡ Semiconductor • Package options 40-pin plastic DIP (DIP40-P-600-2.54) MSM80C154S/83C154S : 44-pin plastic QFP (QFP44-P-910-0.80-2K) : 44-pin QFJ (QFJ44-P-S650-1.27) 44-pin TQFP (TQFP44-P-1010-0.80-K) : : (Product name: MSM80C154SRS/ MSM83C154S-xxxRS) (Product name: MSM80C154SGS-2K/ MSM83C154S-xxxGS-2K) (Product name: MSM80C154SJS/ MSM83C154S-xxxJS) (Product name: MSM80C154STS-K/ MSM83C154S-xxxTS-K) xxx: indicates the code number 2/40 BLOCK DIAGRAM (MSM83C154S) ¡ Semiconductor PORT 2 P2.0 P2.7 DPH ADDRESS DECODER CONTROL SIGNAL R/W SIGNAL PORT 0 P0.0 ROM DPL 16K WORDS x 8BITS PLA P0.7 XTAL1 OSC and TIMING XTAL2 ALE PSEN EA RESET PCHL PCLL SPECIAL FUNCTION REGISTER ADDRESS DECODER AIR C-ROM PCH PCON PCL SENSE AMP SP IR IOCON T2CON TL2 TH2 R/W AMP RAM 256 WORDS x 8BITS ACC TR2 TR1 PORT 1 P1.0 RAMDP PSW BR ALU TIMER/ COUNTER 2 RCAP2L RCAP2H P1.7 MSM80C154S/83C154S PORT 3 P3.0 TH1 TL1 TH0 TL0 TMOD TCON IE INTERRUPT IP SBUF(T) SBUF(R) SERI […]

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MSM80C154S Datasheet

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