MST719DU-LF – LCD TV Processor

Part Number : MST719DU-LF

Function : LCD TV Processor

Manufactures : Mstar

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MST719DU-LF LCD TV Processor with Video Decoder/HDMI Preliminary Data Sheet Version 0.1 Features n Video Decoder Ÿ Supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM video input formats Ÿ 2-D NTSC and PAL comb filter for Y/C separation of CVBS input Ÿ Multiple CVBS and S-video inputs Ÿ Supports Closed-caption and V-chip Ÿ Supports Teletext 1.5 and capable Teletext 10 page navigation Ÿ ACC, AGC, and DCGC (Digital Chroma Gain Control) n Color Engine Ÿ Brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue adjustment Ÿ 9-tap programmable multi-purpose FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter Ÿ Differential 3-band peaking king ge engine n Ÿ Vert Vertical tic ica al p peaking Ÿ Spat Spatial pati i al n noise oise reduction uctio on Ÿ Lumin Luminance Lumina anc Transient ransie ent Im Improvement mpr (LTI) Ÿ Chr Chrominance Chro o nce T Transient Tr rans sient I Improvement (CTI) Ÿ Bl Black Le Level evel Ex Extension xtensio (BLE) BLE) BLE Ÿ White L Level evel E Extension xte n (WLE (WLE) WLE) ) Ÿ Fav Favor vor C Color olor C Compensation pens sat ati ion ( (FCC) (FC FCC C) Ÿ 3 3-channel -ch cha ann nne el gamma mma mm a curve e ad adjustment adjus Ÿ I Independent ndep nt 6 colo color or o of fs saturation, at ation hue, and brightness bri ri ess control n Analog Input Ÿ Supports RGB input format from PC, camcorders and GPS Ÿ Supports YCbCr inputs from conventional nvent tional vi video vid de source and HDTV Ÿ Supports SCART-RGB with F Fast ast B Blanking lankin nkin input u Ÿ Supports video input 480i, 80i 80 i, 480p, p, 576 576i, 576p, 6p, p, 720p, 1080i; RGB inpu input resolution eso es olu lut tio in 640×48 640×480, 480 0, 800×480, 800×600, 00, 1 1024×768, 024 24x 8 1280×1024, 80×10 024, 1366×768, 1440×900, 440x 44 x900 00, , 16 1680×1050 168 50 ( (WSXGA+) (W WSXGA+ Ÿ 3-channel l low low-power w-po -pow wer 1 10-bit ADC ADCs s in integration int tegrat for YCbCr Cb bCr a and nd R RGB GB Ÿ Supports pport ppo ts R RGB GB c composite osite s sync ync in input inp p (CSYNC), SYNC C), SOY, Y, S SOG, OG, H HSYNC, C, an and nd VSYN VSYNC C Ÿ On-chip p cl clock syn synthesizer ynt thes esi izer a and PLL Ÿ Auto-position on a adjustment, djus stmen auto-phase to-p o-ph hase adjustment, m t, a auto-gain uto to-ga ga adjustment, justm ment, a and nd auto-mode to-mod ode d detection tec n n Scaling S c Engine/Panel Eng En gin ine e/P Panel lI Interface rface Ÿ Pixe Pixel xel clock ck o of fp panel a output outp put su supports uppo pport ts up to 150Mhz 150Mh 150 Mhz z Ÿ S Supports upports d digital t panels anels u up p to t 1366×768,1440×900 136 13 66×768,14 440×900 and 1680×1050 Ÿ S Supports upports ppo s single/dual ing in gle/d /du u 8-bit LVDS panel outputs Ÿ S Supports ppor ppo rts 8 8-bit -bi -b it TT TTL panel output Ÿ S Supports uppo pport ts mini mini-LVDS output with TCON signals Ÿ Supports ppor ppo rts various displaying modes Ÿ S Supports uppo horizontal panorama scaling Miscellaneous Mis Mi sc e Ÿ Built-in MCU Ÿ 3-wire serial bus interface for […]

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MST719DU-LF Datasheet

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