MT6167 Datasheet – RF transceiver (Pinout)

Part Number : MT6167

Function : RF transceiver

Package : TFBGA Type

Manufactures : MediaTek

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FOR liMnEwDxIbAT@ lEeKnoCvoO.cNoFImDUESNETIOANLLY MT6167 RF System Datasheet Version: Release date/Status: Editor: 1.1 2012/11/15 Chi-Yao Yu © 2012 MediaTek Inc. This document contains information that is proprietary to MediaTek Inc.,time=2013-01-20 00:44:07,ip=,doctitle=MT6167 Datasheet V1p1.pdf,company=Lenovo_WCX FOR liMnEwDxIbAT@ lEeKnoCvoO.cNoFImDUESNETIOANLLY Detailed Document Revision History MT6167 Datasheet Confidential A Revision 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.1 Section 13.5 11.1 11.3 4.2.1 12.1 12.2.1 12.3.2 0.1 3.4 4.2 1.0 Date 10/September/2012 10/September/2012 10/September/2012 11/September/2012 Editor CYYu CH.Shen Hsinhua Amos Description of Changes Initial released version Modify some undefined numbers. Remove spur spec @78MHz. Update some performances. Update current consumption and remove the unused table 14/September/2012 18/October/2012 23/October/2012 CYYu CYYu CYYu Update DCXO, SRX, RX, STX, and TOP current tables Update […]

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MT6167 Datasheet

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