MXP4004BTS – 40V N-Channel MOSFET

Part Number : MXP4004BTS

Function : 40V N-Channel MOSFET

Manufactures : MaxPower Semiconductor

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40V N-Channel MOSFET Applications: ● Power Supply ● DC-DC Converters ● DC-AC Inverters Features: ● Lead Free ● Low RDS(ON) to Minimize Conductive Loss ● Low Gate Charge for Fast Switching Application ● Optimized V(BR)DSS Ruggedness MXP4004BTS VDS 40V RDS(ON)(MAX) 3mΩ ID 170A Ordering Information Park Number Package MXP4004BTS TO220 Brand MXP TO220 Pin Definition and Inner Circuit Absolute Maximum Ratings TC=25℃ unless otherwise specified Symbol Parameter Value VDSS Drain-to-Source Voltage 40 ID Continuous Drain Current Silicon Limited Package Limited 170 80 IDM Pulsed Drain Current @VGS=10V 679 PD Power Dissipation 231 VGS Gate-to-Source Voltage +/-20 TJ and Tstg Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range -55 to 175 Unit V A W V ℃ Avalanche Characteristics Symbol Parameter EAS① Single Pulse Avalanche Energy (VDS=20V, VGS=10V, Rg=25Ω, L=1mH) IAS Single Pulse Avalanche Current TC=25℃ unless otherwise specified Value 200 Figure 9 Unit mJ A Thermal Resistance Symbol Parameter RθJC Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Case RθJA Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Ambient Max Unit 0.65 ℃/W 62 ℃/W ① : Guarantee number. ©MaxPower Semiconductor Inc. Page1 MXP4004BTS Preliminary Dec. 2011 40V N-Channel MOSFET MXP4004BTS OFF Characteristics Symbol Parameter TJ=25℃ unless otherwise specified Min Typ Max Unit V(BR)DSS Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage 40 – -V IDSS Drain-to-Source Leakage Current – – 1 100 uA IGSS Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source Reverse Leakage – – 100 100 nA Test Conditions VGS=0V, ID=250uA VDS=32V, VGS=0V VDS=32V, VGS=0V, TJ=125 ℃ VGS=+20V VGS= -20V ON Characteristics Symbol Parameter TJ=25℃ unless otherwise specified Min Typ Max Unit RDS(ON) Static Drain-to-Source On-Resistance – 2.3 3.0 mΩ VGS(th) Gate Threshold Voltage 2 – 4V Test Conditions VGS=10V, ID=80A VGS=VDS, ID=250uA Dynamic Characteristics Symbol Parameter Ciss Input Capacitance Coss Output Capacitance Crss Reverse Transfer Capacitance Qg Total Gate Charge Qgs Gate-to-Source Charge Qgd Gate-to-Drain (“Miller”) Charge Td(on) Turn-on Delay Time Tr Rise Time Td(off) Turn-off Delay Time Tf Fall Time TJ=25℃ unless otherwise specified Min Typ Max Unit – 5016 – – 787 – pF – 292 – – 74 – – 23 – nC – 26 – – 18.7 – – 67.1 48.8 – ns – 31 – Test Conditions VGS=0V, VDS=20V, f=1.0MHz VDD=20V, ID=80A, VGS=10V VDD=20V, ID=40A, VGS=10V, RG=10Ω, RL=0.5Ω Source-Drain Diode Characteristics Symbol Parameter VSD Diode Forward Voltage Trr Reverse Recovery Time Qrr Reverse Recovery Charge TJ=25℃ unless otherwise specified Min Typ Max Unit – – 1.2 V – 51.6 – ns – 35.1 – nC Test Conditions IS=80A, VGS=0V Is=80A, di/dt=100A/μs Published by MaxPower Semiconductor Inc. 4800 Great America Parkway, Suite# 205, Santa Clara, CA 95054 ©MaxPower Semiconductor Inc. Page2 All Rights Reserved. MXP4004BTS Preliminary Dec. 2011 40V N-Cha […]

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MXP4004BTS Datasheet

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