MY2NJ Datasheet – MYJ Series Relay

This post explains for the semiconductor MY2NJ.

The Part Number is MY2NJ.

The function of this semiconductor is MYJ Series.

Manufacturers : Omron

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Description :

MYJ 792 804 915 938 㒻⬉఼ 804 ϔ㠀㒻⬉఼ / LED DPDT MY2J MY4J MY2J-D MY4J-D MY2J-CR MY4J-CR MY2NJ MY4NJ MY2NJ-D2 MY4NJ-D2 MY2NJ-CR MY4NJ-CR ᡔᴃᣛफ 4PDT DPDT 4PDT CR 220/240VAC,200/220VAC,100/110VAC,110/120VAC . DPDT 4PDT ՟: MY2J, 6VAC 乱ᅮ㒓೜⬉य़ / mA 50Hz 6V 12V 24V AC 50V 214.1mA 106.5mA 53.8mA 25.7mA 60Hz 183mA 91mA 46mA 22mA 10/11mA 8.4/9.2mA 5.3/5.8mA 4.2/4.6mA 12.2Ω 46Ω 180Ω 788Ω 3,750Ω 4,430Ω 12,950Ω 18,790Ω 40Ω 160Ω 650Ω 2,600Ω 11,000Ω +23 +23 60Hz Ω Arm.OFF 0.04H 0.17H 0.69H 3.22H 14.5H 19.2H 54.8H 83.5H 0.17H 0.73H 3.20H 10.6H 45.6H AC Arm.ON 0.08H 0.33H 1.30H 5.66H 24.6H 32.1H 94.1H 136H 0.33H 1.37H 5.72H 21.0H 86.2H +15% -20% DC V V V 1.0 1.2VA(60Hz) 30% min. 100/110V 11.7/12.9mA 110/120V 9.9/10.8mA 200/220V 6.2/6.8mA 220/240V 4.8/5.3mA 6V 12V 150mA 75mA 36.9mA 18.5mA 80% max. 0.9 110% 1.1VA(60Hz) DC 24V 48V 10% min. 0.9W 100/110V 9.1mA/10mA 1. 2. 3. AC 4. 15% 806 MYJ 4 […]

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MY2NJ Datasheet

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