OB2279 Datasheet – Current Mode PWM Controller

This post explains for the semiconductor OB2279.

The Part Number is OB2279.

The function of this semiconductor is Current Mode PWM Controller.

Manufacturers : On-Bright

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Description :

OB2279 Current Mode PWM ControllerFreq Shuffling with Latch Shutdown OB2279 is offered in SOP-8 and DIP-8 packages. GENERAL Description OB2279 is a highl y integ rated current mode PWM control IC optimized fo r high performance, low standby pow er and cost effe ctive offline fly back converter applications. PWM switching frequenc y at norm al operation is externally programmable and trimmed to tigh t range. At no load or light load condition, t he IC operates in extended ‘bu rst mode’ to minimize switching loss. Lower stan dby p ower and high er conversion efficiency is thus achieved. VDD low startup current and low operating curre nt contribute to a reliable po wer on startu p design with OB2279. A large value resistor could t hus be used i n the startup circuit for reduced power loss. The internal slope com pensation im proves sy stem large signal stability and reduces the possible subharmonic oscillation at high PWM dut y cycle output. Leading-edge blankin g on current sense in […]

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OB2279 Datasheet

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