OB3306 Datasheet – LCD Monitor Backlight Inverter Controller

Part Number: OB3306

Function: High Integrated LCD Monitor Backlight Inverter Controller

Manufacturer: GreenEngine


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OB3306 DC/AC CCFL Controller IC Product


Minimal required external components Push pull topology High precision reference and frequency control External programmability of the key parameters Flexible Dimming mode Control: Analog dimming control Internal burst dimming control External burst (LPWM) dimming control 0-2V DC voltage direct dimming control without external circuits Dimming range programmable (Max.: 100%~0%) Comprehensive Protection Coverage: Output over voltage protection (OVP) Output over current proteciton (OCP) Open lamp protetion and short lamp protection Arcing protection High Integrated LCD Monitor Backlight Inverter Controller


OB3306 is a high integrated and high performance Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) controller optimized for LCD monitor backlight application. It integrates high precision (2%) 4 channels of current and 1 channel of voltage feedback control, and thus provides a low-cost and high reliability LCD backlight solution with minimum system BOM count. OB3306 controls push pull topology and supports various dimming functions and comprehensive protections. Applications: LCD CCFL backlight system in LCD monitor Available in SOP16 packages,RoHS compliant Typical Application: GreenEngineTM Technology for Green Power […]

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OB3306 Datasheet

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