Part Number : P10NK80ZFP

Function : STP10NK80ZFP

Manufactures : ST Microelectronics

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STP10NK80Z – STP10NK80ZFP STW10NK80Z N-CHANNEL 800V – 0.78Ω – 9A TO-220/TO-220FP/TO-247 Zener-Protected SuperMESH™Power MOSFET TYPE STP10NK80Z STP10NK80ZFP STW10NK80Z s s s s s s VDSS 800 V 800 V 800 V RDS(on) < 0.90 Ω < 0.90 Ω < 0.90 Ω ID 9A 9A 9A Pw 160 W 40 W 160 W 3 1 2 TYPICAL RDS(on) = 0.78 Ω EXTREMELY HIGH dv/dt CAPABILITY 100% AVALANCHE TESTED GATE CHARGE MINIMIZED VERY LOW INTRINSIC CAPACITANCES VERY GOOD MANUFACTURING REPEATIBILITY TO-220 TO-220FP 3 2 1 TO-247 Description The SuperMESH™ series is obtained through an extreme optimization of ST’s well established stripbased PowerMESH™ layout. In addition to pushing on-resistance significantly down, special care is taken to ensure a very good dv/dt capability for the most demanding applications. Such series complements ST full range of high voltage MOSFETs including revolutionary MDmesh™ products. INTERNAL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM Applications HIGH CURRENT, HIGH SPEED SWITCHING s SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLIES s DC-AC CONVERTERS FOR WELDING, UPS AND MOTOR DRIVE s ORDERING INFORMATION SALES TYPE STP10NK80Z STP10NK80ZFP STW10NK80Z MARKING P10NK80Z P10NK80ZFP W10NK80Z PACKAGE TO-220 TO-220FP TO-247 PACKAGING TUBE TUBE TUBE February 2003 1/11 STP10NK80Z - STP10NK80ZFP - STW10NK80Z ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VDS VDGR VGS ID ID IDM ( ) PTOT VESD(G-S) dv/dt (1) VISO Tj Tstg Parameter STP10NK80Z Value STP10NK80ZFP STW10NK80Z Unit V V V 9 6 36 160 1.28 A A A W W/°C KV V/ns V °C °C Drain-source Voltage (VGS = 0) Drain-gate Voltage (RGS = 20 kΩ) Gate- source Voltage Drain Current (continuous) at TC = 25°C Drain Current (continuous) at TC = 100°C Drain Current (pulsed) Total Dissipation at TC = 25°C Derating Factor Gate source ESD(HBM-C=100pF, R=1.5KΩ) Peak Diode Recovery voltage slope Insulation Withstand Voltage (DC) Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature 9 6 36 160 1.28 800 800 ± 30 9 (*) 6 (*) 36 (*) 40 0.32 4 4.5 2500 -55 to 150 -55 to 150 ( ) Pulse width limited by safe operating area (1) ISD ≤9A, di/dt ≤200A/µs, VDD ≤ V(BR)DSS, Tj ≤ TJMAX. (*) Limited only by maximum temperature allowed THERMAL DATA TO-220 Rthj-case Rthj-amb Tl Thermal Resistance Junction-case Max Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient Max Maximum Lead Temperature For Soldering Purpose 0.78 62.5 300 TO-220FP 3.1 TO-247 0.78 50 °C/W °C/W °C AVALANCHE CHARACTERISTICS Symbol IAR EAS Parameter Avalanche Current, Repetitive or Not-Repetitive (pulse width limited by Tj max) Single Pulse Avalanche Energy (starting Tj = 25 °C, ID = IAR, VDD = 50 V) Max Value 9 290 Unit A mJ GATE-SOURCE ZENER DIODE Symbol BVGSO Parameter Gate-Source Breakdown Voltage Test Conditions Igs=± 1mA (Open Drain) Min. 30 Typ. Max. Unit V PROTECTION Features OF GATE-TO-SOURCE ZENER DIODES The built-in back-to-back Zener diodes have specifically been designed to enhance not only the device’s ESD capability, but also to make them safely absorb possible voltage transients that may occasional [...]

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P10NK80ZFP Datasheet

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