Part Number : P9NK65ZFP

Function : STP9NK65ZFP

Manufactures : STMicroelectronics

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STP9NK65Z STP9NK65ZFP N-CHANNEL 650V – 1Ω – 7A TO-220/TO-220FP Zener-Protected SuperMESH™Power MOSFET TARGET DATA TYPE STP9NK65Z STP9NK65ZFP s s s s s s s VDSS 650 V 650 V RDS(on) < 1.2 Ω < 1.2 Ω ID 7A 7A Pw 110 W 30 W TYPICAL RDS(on) = 1.0 Ω EXTREMELY HIGH dv/dt CAPABILITY IMPROVED ESD CAPABILITY 100% AVALANCHE RATED GATE CHARGE MINIMIZED VERY LOW INTRINSIC CAPACITANCES VERY GOOD MANUFACTURING REPEATIBILITY 3 1 2 3 1 2 TO-220 TO-220FP Description The SuperMESH™ series is obtained through an extreme optimization of ST’s well established stripbased PowerMESH™ layout. In addition to pushing on-resistance significantly down, special care is taken to ensure a very good dv/dt capability for the most demanding applications. Such series complements ST full range of high voltage MOSFETs including revolutionary MDmesh™ products. INTERNAL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM Applications HIGH CURRENT, HIGH SPEED SWITCHING s IDEAL FOR OFF-LINE POWER SUPPLIES, ADAPTORS AND PFC s ORDERING INFORMATION SALES TYPE STP9NK65Z STP9NK65ZFP MARKING P9NK65Z P9NK65ZFP PACKAGE TO-220 TO-220FP PACKAGING TUBE TUBE July 2003 1/7 Free Datasheet http://www.nDatasheet.com STP9NK65 - STP9NK65ZFP ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VDS VDGR VGS ID ID IDM ( ) PTOT VESD(G-S) dv/dt (1) VISO Tj Tstg Parameter STP9NK65Z Value STP9NK65ZFP Unit V V V 7 (*) 4.4 (*) 28 (*) 30 0.24 A A A W W/°C KV V/ns 2500 V °C °C Drain-source Voltage (VGS = 0) Drain-gate Voltage (RGS = 20 kΩ) Gate- source Voltage Drain Current (continuous) at TC = 25°C Drain Current (continuous) at TC = 100°C Drain Current (pulsed) Total Dissipation at TC = 25°C Derating Factor Gate source ESD(HBM-C=100pF, R=1.5KΩ) Peak Diode Recovery voltage slope Insulation Withstand Voltage (DC) Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature 7 4.4 28 110 0.88 650 650 ± 30 3500 TBD -55 to 150 -55 to 150 ( ) Pulse width limited by safe operating area (1) ISD ≤TBD, di/dt ≤ TBD, VDD ≤ V(BR)DSS, T j ≤ TJMAX. (*) Limited only by maximum temperature allowed THERMAL DATA TO-220 Rthj-case Rthj-amb Tl Thermal Resistance Junction-case Max Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient Max Maximum Lead Temperature For Soldering Purpose 1.14 62.5 300 TO-220FP 4.2 °C/W °C/W °C AVALANCHE CHARACTERISTICS Symbol IAR EAS Parameter Avalanche Current, Repetitive or Not-Repetitive (pulse width limited by Tj max) Single Pulse Avalanche Energy (starting Tj = 25 °C, ID = IAR, VDD = 50 V) Max Value 7 TBD Unit A mJ GATE-SOURCE ZENER DIODE Symbol BVGSO Parameter Gate-Source Breakdown Voltage Test Conditions Igs=± 1mA (Open Drain) Min. 30 Typ. Max. Unit V PROTECTION Features OF GATE-TO-SOURCE ZENER DIODES The built-in back-to-back Zener diodes have specifically been designed to enhance not only the device’s ESD capability, but also to make them safely absorb possible voltage transients that may occasionally be applied from gate to souce. In this respect the Zener voltage is appropriate to achieve an efficient and coste [...]

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P9NK65ZFP Datasheet

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