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The PB50 is a high voltage, high current amplifier designed to provide voltage and current gain for a small signal, general purpose op amp. Including the power booster within the feedback loop of the driver amplifier results in a composite amplifier with the accuracy of the driver and the extended output voltage range and current capability of the booster. The PB50 can also be used without a driver in some applications, requiring only an external current limit resistor to function properly. The output stage utilizes complementary MOSFETs, providing symmetrical output impedance and eliminating secondary breakdown limitations imposed by Bipolar Junction Transistors. Internal feedback and gainset resistors are provided for a pin-strappable gain of 3. Additional gain can be achieved with a single external resistor. Compensation is not required for most driver/gain configurations, but can be accomplished with a single external capacitor. Although the booster can be configured quite simply, enormous flexibility is provided through the choice of driver amplifier, current limit, supply voltage, voltage gain, and compensation. This hybrid circuit utilizes a beryllia (BeO) substrate, thick film resistors, ceramic capacitors and semiconductor chips to maximize reliability, minimize size and give top performance. Ultrasonically bonded aluminum wires provide reliable interconnections at all operating temperatures. The 8-pin TO-3 package is electrically isolated and hermetically sealed using one-shot resistance welding. The use of compressible isolation washers voids the warranty.


• HIGH VOLTAGE INSTRUMENTATION • Electrostatic TRANSDUCERS & DEFLECTION • Programmable Power Supplies Up to 180V p-p EQUIVALENT SCHEMATIC 3 +Vs Q2 Q1 Q3 IN 4 GAIN 6.2K 7 50K COM 5 COMP 8 Q9 Q10 3.1K Q7 Q4 Q6 Q5 OUT 1 2 CL  Q8 –Vs 6 EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS R CL +Vs CL 3 2 OUT IN 4 TOP VIEW 1 TYPICAL APPLICATION CF RF +Vs IN COM –15V PB50 –Vs Figure 1. Inverting composite amplifier. COM 5 –Vs 6 COMP 8 7 GAIN RG CC VIN RI +15V OP AMP R CL OUT CC RG RL APEX MICROTECHNOLOGY CORPORATION • TELEPHONE (520) 690-8600 • FAX (520) 888-3329 • ORDERS (520) 690-8601 • EMAIL prodlit@apexmicrotech.com PB50 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS SUPPLY VOLTAGE, +VS to –VS OUTPUT CURRENT, within SOA POWER DISSIPATION, internal at TC = 25°C1 INPUT VOLTAGE, referred to common TEMPERATURE, pin solder—10 sec max TEMPERATURE, junction1 TEMPERATURE, storage OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE, case ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS SPECIFICATIONS 200V 2A 3 […]

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