PC97551-VPC – Embedded Controller

Part Number : PC97551-VPC

Function : Embedded Controller

Manufactures : Winbond Electronics

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PC97551-VPC Embedded Controller for Notebook Systems Product Brief February 2006 Revision 1.1 PC97551-VPC Embedded Controller for Notebook Systems General Description The Winbond PC97551-VPC is an embedded controller (EC) for mainstream notebook applications. It includes a highly optimized set of functions, which provide a hardware/firmware partition that enables the implementation of flexible solutions; and its high-performance CPU core enables EC functionality to be extended via the firmware. The PC97551-VPC incorporates National’s CompactRISC CR16B core (a high-performance 16-bit RISC processor), internal ROM and RAM memories, system support functions and a Bus Interface Unit (BIU) that directly interfaces with both external memory (such as flash) and I/O devices. System support functions include: watchdog, PWM, timers, interrupt control, General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) with internal keyboard matrix scanning, PS/2® Interface, SMBus® interface, analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC) converters for battery charging circuitry, system monitoring and analog controls. The PC97551-VPC interfaces with the host via an LPC interface that provides the host with access to the Keyboard and embedded controller interface channels and to the BIOS flash. Like other members of Winbond’s Advanced I/O family, the PC97551-VPC is PC01 and ACPI compliant. Outstanding Features ■ Host interface, based on Intel’s LPC Interface Specification Revision 1.1, August 2002 PC2001 Rev 1.0, and ACPI 3.0 compliant 16-bit RISC core, with 2 Mbytes address space, running at up to 20 MHz Shared BIOS flash memory (external) 92 GPIO ports (including keyboard scanning) with a variety of wake-up events JTAG-based debugger interface Software and hardware controlled clock throttling and extremely low current consumption in Idle mode 176-pin LQFP and FBGA packages System Block Diagram South Bridge PWBTN Display Lid Switch Keyboard Mouse Touch Touch Pad Point SuperI/O LPC PCI TPM Wake-Up Enable ECSCI Sleep ON PWUREQ State Control SMI Brightness Contrast On/Off 4x PS/2 Internal Keyboard Keyboard Scan System Control and Status Switch Pad and LEDs Power Switch PCI Devices & Boards JTAG PWM PC97551-VPC Beep Development Tacho Embedded Controller for Notebook Systems Control Direct CD Speaker EC Firmware, System BIOS Shared Flash Memory Local Bus ON and Switch Control Drv Drv Drv. Voltage Current AC Detect Voltage Current Voltage Temp. Player 2x SMBus Input Port Output Port Expansion GPIOs CPU Fans Temperature Power Supply Charger Battery AC Adaptor Temp. Sensor E2PROM Docking © 2006 Winbond Electronics Corporation www.winbond.com PC97551-VPC PC97551-VPC Block Diagram LPC I/F Serial IRQ SMI Reset & Config CR16B Core Processing Unit DMA Host Controlled Functions LPC Bus I/F Core Bus I/F Functions CR Access Bridge Shared mem. + Protection Memory Bus Adapter RAM ROM BIU Internal Bus Peripheral Bus KBC + […]

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PC97551-VPC Datasheet

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