PT7313E – Stereo Audio Processor

Part Number : PT7313E

Function : Stereo Audio Processor

Manufactures : PTC

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PT7313E Stereo Audio Processor for Car Audio Description The PT7313E is an audio processor designed for versatile application, including 3 stereo input selectors with adjustable gain, master volume control with low frequency loudness compensation, individual output attenuator and tone control. It is a good solution for the car audio signal processing. Due to the high reliability requirement from the car audio business, the PT7313E improves both audio performance and input surge current capability that make PT7313E the best solution for the cost-effective car audio systems. Features • 3 stereo inputs with gain selection, range from 0dB to +11.25dB in 3.75dB/step • Master volume from 0 dB to -78.75dB in 1.25dB/step • Speaker attenuator for balance and fader, range from 0dB to -38.75dB in 1.25dB/step • Each channel output can be muted individually. • Low frequency loudness compensation • Bass and Treble control, range from -14dB to +14dB in 2dB/step • Wide operation range (VDD = 4V to 10V) Applications • Car Audio • Home Audio System • Powered Speaker System APPLICATION CIRCUIT PT2313E 22uF 1 REF SCL 28 SDA 27 DGND 26 LFOUT 25 RFOUT 24 LROUT 23 RROUT 22 BOUT_R 21 BIN_R 20 BOUT_L 19 BIN_L 18 LOUT 17 LIN 16 LIN1 15 100n 100n 100n 100n 2.2uF 5.6K 10uF 10uF 10uF 10uF Front Right Front Left PT7313E MCU VDD 2 VDD 3 AGND 4 2.7n 2.7n 5 6 7 TREB_L TREB_R RIN ROUT Input Surge P rotection L A UDIO 3 R L A UDIO 2 R L A UDIO 1 R 2.2K 2.2K 2.2K 2.2K 2.2K 2.2K 2.2uF 2.2uF 8 LOUD_R 100n 9 RIN3 2.2uF 2.2uF 2.2uF 2.2uF 2.2uF 10 RIN2 11 RIN1 12 LOUD_L 100n 13 LIN3 14 LIN2 Rear Left 5.6K Rear Right P ower A mplifier Tel: 886-66296288‧Fax: 886-29174598‧‧2F, 233-1, Baociao Road, Sindian, Taipei 23145, Taiwan Free Datasheet http:/// PT7313E BLOCK DIAGRAM Speaker Attenuator With Mute LROUT RROUT REF REF LFOUT RFOUT REF REF TREB_L BIN_L BOUT_L TREBLE TREBLE TREB_R BIN_R BASS Master Volume REF BASS BOUT_R LOUD_L LOUDNESS Loud SW REF LOUDNESS LOUD_R LIN LOUT LIN1 LIN2 LIN3 RIN Input SW and GAIN ROUT Input SW and GAIN RIN1 RIN2 RIN3 REF VDD REF SCL I2C DECODER SDA DGND INT Ref REF REF BIAS AGND V1.0 2 February 2010 Free Datasheet http:/// PT7313E ORDER INFORMATION Valid Part Number PT7313E-S Package Type 28 Pins, SOP, 300mil Top Code PT7313E PIN CONFIGURATION REF VDD AGND TREB_L TREB_R RIN ROUT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 28 SCL 27 SDA 26 DGND 25 LFOUT 24 RFOUT 23 LROUT LOUD_R 8 RIN3 9 PT7313E 22 RROUT 21 BOUT_R 20 BIN_R 19 BOUT_L 18 BIN_L 17 LOUT 16 LIN 15 LIN1 RIN2 10 RIN1 11 LOUD_L 12 LIN3 13 LIN2 14 V1.0 3 February 2010 Free Datasheet http:/// PT7313E PIN Description Pin Name REF VDD AGND TREB_L TREB_R RIN ROUT LOUD_R RIN3 RIN2 RIN1 LOUD_L LIN3 LIN2 LIN1 LIN LOUT BIN_L BOUT_L BIN_R BOUT_R RROUT LROUT RFOUT LFOUT DGND SDA SCL I/O I I I O I I I I I I I I I O I O I O O O O O I I Description Analog reference volta […]

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PT7313E Datasheet

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