R2J10190 – R2J10190/191GA/192/193GA/194/195GD

Part Number : R2J10190

Function : R2J10190/191GA/192/193GA/194/195GD

Manufactures : ETC

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Description :

6 5 4 3 2 CN902 R917 15K 2W R913 1/6W 100R 1 REVISION RECORD LTR ECO NO: APPROVED: DATE: HEATER 14″ 21″ SKYTEX COLOR TV BASIC SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM Q912 C2482 R914 1 1 +180V 2 2 3 3 4 4 GND 5 5 4 4 12 GND1 13 GND2 14 GND3 15 GND4 B00 B01 B02 TU001 B03 2 B G R VIDEO OUT +8V 1/6W 3.3K 5 5 4 4 R G B 8V C903 R916 330R 1/6W C911 50V 2 3 3 390P R907 15K 2W 3 3 11 +110V 2W 22K R875 IC115 UPC574 R117 15K 1/6W C116 50V R118 10K 1/6W C122 50V R119 10K 1/6W C123 50V R120 47K 1/6W 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 B39 AV_AOUT R337 1/6W 4.7K R332 100R 1/6W Q339 R334 220R 1/6W Q337 2SC1815 R335 75R 1/6W CN205 D 1 1 IF IFGND 33V NC2 NC1 VCC BAND2 BAND1 NC0 VT AGC +8V 1 1 2 2 GND D CN901 16V 100U R903 1/6W 100R 1/6W 3.3K R904 R906 330R 1/6W C901 50V +5V C106 50V C107 C105 16V C104 16V C103 C101 16V R100 4.7K 1/6W 1/6W 22K 2SC1815 R331 1/6W 4.7K R333 Q902 C2482 C939 2KVdc 10U 0.1U 0.1U C338 16V 100U SCREEN 0.01U +5V-CPU IC103 24C16 100U R137 16V C125 50V R138 10K 1/6W R139 10K 1/6W R129 1/6W 100R R128 1/6W 1K C127 C130 50V 2200P R132 1/6W 1.5K 2 B E 1 2.2U +8V 2.2U 0.1U 10U 560P FOCUS R927 15K 1 A0 VCC 2 A1 3 A2 8 220P WP 7 SCL 6 5 R126 22K Q124 2SC1815 1/6W R133 1/6W 4.7K L137 1.2mH R136 C121 1/6W 560 0.01U C131 1/6W 10 SP2 390P 4 GNDSDA 220P 50V C Q135 2SC1674 50V 2200P CN8 R928 2.7K 1/2W B15 BAND2 B14 BAND1 VT CN602 1 1 2 2 B06 AGC B05 B07 B08 R134 1/6W 47 SDA SCL C337 D901 R923 1/6W 100R 1/6W 3.3K R924 R926 330R 1/6W 1N4148 Q922 C2482 R908 2.7K 1/2W R918 2.7K C923 50V 1/2W R G B 16V 10U 1N4148 D911 1N4148 D921 AGC B31 B20 B09 AUDIO AMP B26 AV1_AIN B22 B11 CN103 CN_4 G R +5V-CPU 4 4 AV2_AIN B25 B00 B B01 MUTE B02 TO IR BD 1 1 2 2 3 3 B06 +5V BUS OPEN +5V LED IR AV_SEL GND +8V D103 1N4148 R264 1/6W 10K ABL +5V-CPU R279 1/6W 270R R278 1/6W 270R R277 1/6W 270R +8V 390P CRT C189 50V C188 16V R901 10K 1/6W D905 R150 1/6W Q210 2SC1815 100R R151 10K 1/6W R282 1/6W 10K R231 1/6W 10K R232 1/6W 10K R217 R214 1/6W 2.2K 1/6W 10R 0.01U 47U 2SA1015 Q901 C925 50V 0.01U R265 R230 10K 1/6W 1/6W 10K C269 16V C268 50V 100U 0.01U R211 1/6W 2.2K R212 1/6W 2.2K C254 5 C253 50V C193 50V C192 63V 4 Z191 3 R186 50V 1N4148 B12 STANDBY 16V C906 16V R269 1/6W 10K 47U 0.01U 1U 0.1U 1 2 0.47U C187 1/6W 4.7K 100U R194 C R280 1/6W 100 C206 50V 0.01U C203 50V 0.01u 1/6W C195 50V 10R R189 1/6W 22K R185 22R 1/6W C186 50V EHT 1 2 2W 3 C B[00:45] C314 TDA2003 IC601 0.47U C184 50V 2200P 44 AV_LIN 64 VDD 63 FILT 62 VSS 61 XIN 60 CNVSS 59 BUSOPEN 58 57 S_MUTE 56 55 AV_SEL 54 RESET 53 CPU_VCC 52 BOUT 51 GOUT 50 ROUT 49 H_VCC 48 ABL 47 AU_OUTR 46 AU_OUTL 45 TV_SOUT 43 AV_RIN 42 AUBYPASS 41 SIFMIX 40 VIF_VCC 39 VIF_AGC 38 VIF_IN1 37 VIF_IN2 36 RF_AGC 35 VIF_APC 34 VIF_GND 33 AVLFILTER 1U P301 R314 82R 1/6W RCA_9PA 15 VIN 16V 10U 19 GND 1 IC101 R2J10190/191GA/192/193GA/194/195 […]

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R2J10190 Datasheet

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