R4000 PDF Diode – Silicon Rectifier (4000V, 0.2A)

Part Number: R4000

Function: HIGH VOLTAGE SILICON RECTIFIER (4000 Volts/ 0.2 Ampere)

Package: DO-15

Manufacturer: Dc Components

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R4000 is 4000V, 200mA, Rectifier. A high-voltage silicon rectifier is a type of semiconductor diode designed to rectify high-voltage alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) with voltage ratings that can range from several hundred volts to thousands of volts. These diodes are commonly used in applications where high-voltage rectification is required, such as power supplies, high-voltage DC transmission systems, industrial equipment, and high-voltage rectifier circuits.

High voltage silicon rectifier diodes is made of high quality silicon wafer chip and high
reliability epoxy resin sealing structure, and through professional testing equipment inspection
qualified after to customers.


1. Low leakage.

2. Low forward voltage drop.

3. High current capability.

4. Conform to RoHS and SGS.

5. Epoxy resin molded in vacuum Have anticorrosion in the surface.

R4000 datasheet diode


1. Rectifier for high voltage power supply.

2. High voltage transformer rectifier.

3. Doubler rectifier circuit.

4. Accelerator power supply.

R4000 PDF Datasheet