RDA1846 PDF Datasheet – Single-Chip Transceiver – RDA

A transceiver is a combined electronic device that can both transmit and receive information. It’s commonly used in various communication systems to enable two-way communication between different devices or systems. Transceivers are found in a wide range of applications, including telecommunications, networking, radio communication, wireless technology, and more.

Part Number: RDA1846

Function: Highly integrated single-chip transceiver

Package: QFN 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: RDA Microelectronics

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The RDA1846 is a highly integrated single-chip transceiver for Walkie Talkie applications. It totally realizes the translation from RF carrier to voice in the RX path and from voice to RF carrier in the TX path, requiring only one micro controller. The RDA1846 has a powerful digital signal processor, which makes it have optimum voice quality, flexible function options, and robust performance under varying reception conditions. The RDA1846 can be tuned to the worldwide frequency band for Walkie Talkie from 400MHz to 500MHz and especially from 134MHz to 174MHz which meets the frequency band of weather broadcast. The transceiver uses the CMOS process with a package size of 5X5mm. By virtue of its high integration, it requires the least external components and eliminates the complicated design of sensitive RF circuits on PCB.

Block Diagram:

RDA1846 datasheet


1. CMOS single-chip fully-integrated transceiver

2. Fully integrated frequency synthesizer and VCO

3. Support worldwide frequency band
(1) 134MHz ~ 174MHz
(2) 400MHz ~ 500MHz

4. 12.5KHz, 25KHz channels

5. Support multiple XTAL clocks

(1) 12.8/25.6Mhz

(2) 13/26Mhz

6. Digital auto frequency control (AFC)

7. Digital auto gain control (AGC)

8. Selectable pre/de-emphasis

9. Received signal strength indicator (RSSI)


RDA1846 PDF Datasheet