RT5035A – 7+3 Channel DC/DC Converters

Part Number : RT5035A

Function : 7+3 Channel DC/DC Converters

Manufactures : Richtek

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Description :

RT5035A/B 7+3 Channel DC/DC Converters with RTC and I2C Interface General Description RT5035A/B is a highly-integrated DSC Power Management IC that contains 7ch switching DC/DC converters and two generic LDOs, one keep-alive low-quiescent LDO for RTC, one load switch with soft-start control and current limit, a switch with reverse leakage prevention for backup battery, and a Real-Time-Clock (RTC) including time counter and 32768Hz oscillator. The DC/DC converters are one low-voltage Step-Up operated in either Async-PFM or Sync-PWM, one current mode Sync Step-Up/Down (Buck-Boost), four Sync Step-Down, and one Asyn Step-Up for WLED driver. All power MOS are integrated. And compensation networks are built in. RT5035A/B uses I2C interface to set power-on and power-off timing, output voltage, and WLED current and dimming level, and also access RTC time counters and oscillator fine-tuning. RT5035A/B dedicate for CMOS image sensor application by providing one Sync Step-Down, one LDO, and one load switch. The RT5035A/B also provides rich protection functions include Over-Current Protection, Under-Voltage Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, OverTemperature Protection, and Over-Load Protection. RT5035A/B is available in WQFN-40L 5×5 package. Applications  Digital Cameras  Portable Instruments Features  CH1 Sync Step-Up in PWM Mode or Async Step-Up in Pulse Frequency Mode  CH2 Current Mode Sync Step-Up/Down  CH3/CH4/CH5 Current Mode Sync Step-Down  SW4 Load Switch with Soft-Start Inrush Control And Current Limit  CH6 Generic Low Voltage LDO for CMOS Sensor  CH7 WLED Driver in Async Step-Up Mode  Open LED Protection  32 Dimming Levels  CH8 Generic Low Voltage LDO for Multiple Purpose Power Supply  CH9 Keep-Alive Low-Quiescent LDO  CH10 Sync Step-Down or Async Step-down in Pulse Frequency Mode for Memory Standby Mode Application  LV Sync Step-Down DC/DC Converter High Efficiency Up to 95%  100% (max) Duty Cycle for CH3, CH4, CH5 &CH10  I2C Control Interface to Program Enable, Power On/Off Delay Time, Output Regulated Voltage, WLED Dimming Current  RTC Timer And Oscillator  Fixed 2MHz Switching Frequency for CH1, CH3, CH4, CH5, CH10  Fixed 1MHz Switching Frequency for CH2, CH7 Simplified Application Circuit I2C Control RT5035A/B BAT VOUT1 VOUT2 VDDM VOUT3 VOUT4 SCL SDA C32K EN SYNC RESET SWO VOUT5 VOUT6 LX7 VOUT8 RTCPWR VOUT10 GND Step-Up for Motor Step-Up/Down for I/O Step-Down for Core Step-Down for CMOS Load Switch for CMOS Step-Down for CMOS LDO for CMOS Step-Up for LED Backlight LDO for HDMI LDO for RTC Step-Down for Memory Copyright © 2016 Richtek Technology Corporation. All rights reserved. DS5035A/B-01 April 2016 is a registered trademark of Richtek Technology Corporation. www.richtek.com 1 RT5035A/B Ordering Information RT5035A/B Package Type QW : WQFN-40L 5×5 (W-Type) Lead Plating System G : Green (Halogen Free and Pb Free) A : Li-ion B : 2AA Alkaline Note : Richtek products are […]

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RT5035A Datasheet

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