RTD2270 – (RTD2270 / RTD2280L) Flat Panel Display Controller

Part Number: RTD2270

Function: (RTD2270 / RTD2280L) Flat Panel Display Controller

Manufacturer: Realtek


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REALTEK RTD2270/RTD2280L-CG RTD2270/ RTD2280L Flat Panel Display Controller Brief Specification Ordering Information Part RTD2270-CG RTD2280L-CG VGA Yes (210MHz) Yes (210MHz) Max. Resolution 1680×1050@75Hz 1920×1080@75Hz Output LVDS (170Mhz) LVDS (186Mhz) PKG LQFP64 7×7 (Green package) LQFP64 7×7 (Green package) Preliminary Version 1.01 Last updated: 2010/11/4 Free Datasheet http:/// REALTEK  Features General        Embedded DDC with DDC1/2B/CI Embedded one MCU with SPI flash controller. Require only one crystal to generate all timing. Programmable internal low-voltage-reset (LVR) High resolution 6 channels PWM output, and wide range selectable PWM frequency. Support input format up to FHD Embedded BJT control circuit for 1.2V regulator replacement RTD2270/RTD2280L-CG VividColorTM          Independent color management (ICM) Dynamic contrast control (DCC) Output Interface Fully programmable display timing generator Flexible data pair swapping for easier system design. Single or Dual display interface supported up to 186MHz, FHD resolution LVDS output interface Support 8 bits LVDS output Spread-Spectrum DPLL to reduce EMI Fixed Last Line output for perfect panel capability Analog RGB Input Interface       One Analog input supported Integrated 8-bit triple-channel 210MHz ADC/PLL(option) Embedded programmable Schmitt trigger of HSYNC Support Sync-On-Green (SOG) and various kinds of composite sync modes On-chip high-performance hybrid PLLs High resolution true 64 phase ADC PLL Embedded OSD  Embedded 16.5K SRAM dynamically stores    OSD command and fonts Support multi-color RAM font, 1, 2 and 4-bit per pixel 64 color palette Maximum 10 window with alpha-blending/ gradient / gradient target color / gradient reversed color/ dynamic fade-in/fade-out, bordering/ shadow/3D window type Rotary 90,180,270 degree Independent row shadowing/bordering Programmable blinking effects for each character OSD-made internal pattern generator for factory mode Support 12×18~4×18 proportional font Hardware decompression for OSD font Special function for closed-caption Support 2 independent font base Embedded MCU    Industrial standard 8051 core with external serial flash Low speed ADC for various application I2C Master or Slave hardware supported Auto Detection /Auto Calibration    Input format detection Compatibility with standard VESA mode and support user-defined mode Smart engine for Phase/Image position/Color calibration         Scaling      Fully programmable zoom ratios Independent horizontal/vertical scaling Advanced zoom algorithm provides high image quality Sharpness/Smooth filter enhancement Support non-linear scaling from 4:3 to 16:9 or 16:9 to 4:3 Power & Package  3.3V / 1.2V power supply  64 pin LQFP 7×7 package Color Processor       True 10 bits color pro […]

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RTD2270 Datasheet

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