This post explains for the semiconductor SB3A0.

The Part Number is SB3A0.

The function of this semiconductor is SCHOTTKY BARRIER RECTIFIER.


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Description :

SAM YANG SAMYANG ELECTRONICS SB320 — SB3A0 SCHOTTKY BARRIER RECTIFIER Features Metal-Sem iconductor junction with guard ring Epitaxial construction Low forward voltage drop,low s witching loss es High surge capability For us e in low voltage,high frequency inverters free xxxx wheeling,and polarity protection applications The plas tic m aterial carries U/L recognition 94V-0 VOLTAGE RANGE: 20 — 100 V CURRENT: 3.0 A DO – 27 MECHANICAL DATA Case:JEDEC DO–27,m olded plastic Term inals : Axial lead ,solderable per MIL- STD-750,Method 2026 Polarity: Color band denotes cathode Weight: 0.041ounces,1.15 gram s Mounting pos ition: Any MAXIMUM RATINGS AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Ratings at 25 am bient tem perature unless otherwise s pecified. Single phas e,half wave,60 Hz,res is tive or inductive load. For capacitive load,derate by 20%. SB320 SB330 SB340 SB350 SB360 SB380 SB3A 0 UNITS Maximum recurrent peak reverse voltage Maximum RMS voltage Maximum DC blocking voltage Maximum ave […]

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SB3A0 Datasheet

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