SD411 – N-Channel Enhancement Mode Dual DMOS FET

Part Number : SD411

Function : N-Channel Enhancement Mode Dual DMOS FET

Manufactures : Calogic

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Description :

N-Channel Enhancement Mode Dual DMOS FET CORPORATION SD411 Features Description The SD411 is constructed utilizing Calogic’s high speed lateral DMOS techniques featuring tight matching characteristics between each FET. This device is an excellent choice for instrumentation, communication, RF and Video designs. ORDERING INFOMATION Applications Part Package Temperature Range -55oC to +150oC -55oC to +150oC • Normally “OFF” Configuration • High Speed Switching . under 1 ns (typically) Low Capacitance ciss <3.5 pf (typically) • Ultra • Tight Matching Characteristics • Pin Compatible to Industry Standard Dual JFETs with Addition of Substrate Bias Pin • Wideband Differential Amplifiers Amplifiers • Cascode • High Intercept Point Balanced Mixers • Oscillators • High Speed Analog Comparators PIN CONFIGURATION SD411 TO-78 Hermetic Package XSD411 Sorted Chips in Carriers TO-78 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SOURCE 1 DRAIN 1 GATE 1 CASE/BODY SOURCE 2 DRAIN 2 GATE 2 4 5 3 2 1 6 7 BOTTOM VIEW C S2 G1 D2 D1 G2 S1 CD2 SD411 CORPORATION ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA = 25oC unless otherwise noted) VDS VSD VDB VSB VGD VGS VGB VG1G2 VD1D2 VS1S2 ID Drain-Source Voltage . +20V Source-Drain Voltage . +10V Drain-Body voltage +25V Source-Body Voltage . +15V Gate-Drain Voltage +25V Gate-Source Voltage . +25V Gate-Body Voltage +25V Gate-to-Gate Voltage . +25V Drain-to-Drain Voltage +20V Source-to-Source Voltage +15V Continuous Drain Current . +50 mA PD PD Tj TS TL Device Dissipation (each side) 360 mW Derating Factor . . 2.88 mW/ oC Total Device Dissipation . 500 mW Derating Factor . . 4 mW/oC Operating Junction Temperature Range . -55 to +125oC Storage Temperature Range -55 to +150oC Lead Temperature (1/16’ from mounting surface for 10 sec.) . +260oC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(TA = +25oC per side unless otherwise noted) SYMBOL STATIC BVDS BVSD BVDB BVSB IDSX IGBS VGS(th) rDS(ON) DYNAMIC gfs Ciss Coss Crss C(gs + sb) MATCH | VGS1 - VGS2 | ∆| VGS1 - VDS2 | ∆T Differential Gate Source Voltage Differential Drift 25 25 mV µV/ C o CHARACTERISTIC MIN TYP MAX UNITS TEST CONDITIONS Drain Source Breakdown Voltage Source-Drain Breakdown Voltage Drain-Body Breakdown Voltage Source-Body Breakdown Voltage Drain-Source Leakage Current Gate-Body Leakage [...]

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SD411 Datasheet

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