SE8119 – 500mA Positive Voltage Regulators

Part Number : SE8119

Function : 500mA Positive Voltage Regulators

Manufactures : Seaward

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500mA Positive Voltage Regulators (Preliminary) Description The SE8119 series of high performance low dropout voltage regulators are designed for applications that require efficient conversion and fast transient response. SE8119 Features Low Dropout Performance. Guaranteed 500mA Output Current. Wide Input Supply Voltage Range. Over-temperature and Over-current Protection. Rugged 3KV ESD withstand capability. Available in SOT-89-3L Packages. Top view Pin Configuration Application PC-Camera 1 2 3 Active SCSI Terminators. High Efficiency Linear Regulators. 5V to 3.3V Linear Regulators Motherboard Clock Supplies. SOT-89 Typical Application Ordering Information SE8119 _ _ _ PIN (1=>3): 1. G: OUT/GND/IN 2. N: GND/IN/OUT Package Type: 1. K: SOT-89-3L Output Voltage: A: VOUT = 3.3V Absolute Maximum Rating Symbol VIN TJ TSTG TLEAD Input Supply Voltage Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering 10 Sec) Parameter Maximum 9 0 to 125 -40 to 150 260 Units V °C °C °C Preliminary and all contents are subject to change without prior notice. © Seaward Electronics, Inc., 2006. • • Page 1 500mA Positive Voltage Regulators (Preliminary) Electrical Characteristic SE8119 VIN,MAX ≤ 8V, VIN,MIN – VOUT = 1.5V, IOUT = 10mA, CIN = 10µF, COUT = 22µF, TJ = 0 – 125°C, unless otherwise specified. Symbol VO VSR VLR Parameter Output Voltage (1) Line Regulation (1) Load Regulation (1) Quiescent Current Dropout Voltage (2) Minimum Load Current Current Limit Temperature Coefficient Thermal Protection RMS Output Noise Ripple Rejection Ratio Test Condition SE8119T33 VOUT + 1.5V < VIN < 8V IOUT = 10mA (VIN - VOUT) = 1.5V 10mA ≤ IOUT ≤ 500mA Min 3.234 ---- Typ 3.3 0.3 0.4 10 1.0 4 0.8 0.07 175 0.003 35 Max 3.366 ----------- Units V % % mA V mA A %/°C °C %VO dB IQ VD IO ICL TC OTP VN RA IOUT = 500mA ------ TA = 25°C, 10Hz ≤ f ≤ 10kHz f = 120Hz, COUT = 22μF (Tantalum), (VIN - VOUT) = 3V, IOUT = 500mA --- Notes: 1. 2. Low duty cycle pulse testing with which TJ remains unchanged. ∆VOUT = 1%. Preliminary and all contents are subject to change without prior notice. © Seaward Electronics, Inc., 2006. • • Page 2 500mA Positive Voltage Regulators (Preliminary) Application Hints Like any linear voltage regulator, SE8119 requires external capacitors to ensure stability. ensure performance. The external capacitors must be carefully selected to SE8119 Thermal Considerations It is important that the thermal limit of the package is not exceeded. thermal protection. The SE8119 has built-in When the thermal limit is exceeded, the IC will enter protection, and VOUT will be pulled to ground. The power dissipation for a given application can be calculated as following: The power dissipation (PD) is PD = IOUT - [VIN – VOUT] It The thermal limit of the package is then limited to PD(MAX) = [TJ – TA]/ΘJA where TJ is [...]

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SE8119 Datasheet

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