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Manufactures : AUK

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600V, 20A ULTRAFAST DUAL RECTIFIERS SF20D600D2 Ultrafast Recovery Rectifier Features  Low forward voltage drop and leakage current  Ultrafast reverse recovery time (trr<35ns) 4  Low power loss and high efficiency  Dual common cathode rectifier construction  Full lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant device Applications  Switching power supply  Power inverters  Free-wheeling diode  Power conversion system 123 1 2, 4 3 Pin 1, 3: Anode Pin 2, 4: Cathode D2-PAK Product Characteristics IF(AV) VRRM 2 x 10A 600V  Motor drives VFM @ Tj=125℃ 1.68V trr 35ns Description The SF20D600D2 is an ultrafast rectifier. It has a low forward voltage drop and reverse recovery time (trr<35ns). The device is intended for use as a free wheeling, clamping rectifier in a variety of switching power supplies and other power switching applications. Ordering Information Device SF20D600D2 Marking Code SF20D600D2 Package D2-PAK Packaging Tape & Reel Marking Information AUK = Manufacture Logo ∆ = Control Code of Manufacture YMDD = Date Code Marking -. Y = Year Code -. M = Monthly Code -. DD = Daily Code SF20D600D2 = Specific Device Code KSD-D6S010-000 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Limiting Values) Characteristic Maximum repetitive reverse voltage Maximum working peak reverse voltage Maximum DC blocking voltage Maximum average forward rectified current per diode total device Peak forward surge current 8.3ms single half sine-wave superimposed on rated load per diode Storage temperature range Maximum operating junction temperature SF20D600D2 Symbol VRRM VRWM VR IF(AV) IFSM Tstg Tj Value Unit 600 V 10 A 20 100 A -45℃ to +150℃ 150 ℃ ℃ Thermal Characteristics Characteristic Maximum thermal resistance junction to case per diode total device Symbol Rth(j-c) Value 3.0 2.6 Unit ℃/W Electrical Characteristics (Per Diode) Characteristic Symbol Peak forward voltage drop VFM (1) Reverse leakage current IRM (1) Reverse recovery time trr Junction capacitance Cj Note : (1) Pulse test : tP≤380 ㎲, Duty cycle≤2% Test Condition IFM = 10A VR = VRRM Tj=25℃ Tj=125℃ Tj=25℃ Tj=125℃ IF = 1A, di/dt =-100 A/us VR = 4VDC, f=1MHz Min. - Typ. - Max. 1.90 1.68 20 200 35 Unit V V uA uA ns - 70 - pF KSD-D6S010-000 2 SF20D600D2 Rating and Characteristic Curves (Per Diode) Fig. 1) Typical Forward Characteristics Fig. 2) Typical Reverse Characteristics ㎂ Fig. 3) Maximum Forward Derative Curve Fig. 4) Forward Power Dissipation Fig. 5) Maximum Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current Fig. 6) Typical Junction Capacitance KSD-D6S010-000 3 Package Outline Dimension SF20D600D2 ※ Recommend PCB solder land (Unit: mm) KSD-D6S010-000 4 SF20D600D2 The KODENSHIAUK Corp. products are intended for the use as components in general electronic equipment (Office and communication equipment, measuring equipment, home appliance, etc.). Please make sure that you consult with us before you use th [...]

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