SGL8023W PDF – DC LED Lighting Control Touch Chip

This post explains for the Control Touch Chip.

The Part Number is SGL8023W.

The function of this chip is Single-channel dual output DC LED lighting control touch chip.

The package is DIP, SOP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: SiGma Micro

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SGL8023W pinout datasheet


SGL8023W is a single-channel touch chip used for LED light brightness adjustment and switch control.

1. One touch input controls two LED outputs.

2. The brightness of the light can be adjusted freely according to the needs, the selection range is wide, and the operation is simple and convenient.

3. The touch function can be realized under the isolation protection of medium (such as glass, acrylic, plastic, ceramics, etc.), which has high safety.

4. The application voltage range is wide, and can be freely selected between 2.4~5.5V.

5. The application circuit is simple, the peripheral components are few, the processing is convenient, and the cost is low.


SGL8023W pdf


1. At initial power-up, both outputs LO1 and LO2 are off.

2. When the touch is clicked (the touch duration is less than 550ms), the light switch and output switching functions can be realized. The first touch, LO1 lights up; the second touch, LO1 turns off, LO2 turns on; the third touch, LO2 turns off.
So cycle. At any time, only one output is on at most, or both outputs are not on, and it is impossible for two outputs to be on at the same time. The initial brightness of each lighting is fixed at the highest brightness, and there is no brightness memory function.

3. Long press the touch button (the touch duration is greater than 550ms) when there is a light on to realize the stepless brightness adjustment of the currently lit light.

4. If you press and hold the touch when the two lights are not on, LO1 will light up with the lowest brightness first. If the long press is not released, the brightness will gradually increase and start stepless dimming until the touch is released or reaches the maximum. Brightness doesn’t change anymore.

SGL8023W PDF Datasheet