STC89C52RC PDF – 8K, MCU, Microcontroller

Part Number: STC89C52RC

Function: 8K, MCU, 8-bit single-chip microcontroller

Package: DIP, LQFP, PLCC Type

Manufacturer: ( )

Images:STC89C52RC block diagram


The STC89xx series MCU has separate address space for Program Memory and Data Memory. Program memory is the memory which stores the program codes for the CPU to execute. There is up to 64K-bytes long of flash memory for program and data storage in the STC89xx series MCU. The lower 4K for the STC89C51RC(8K for the STC89C52RC,16K for STC89C54RC, etc.) may reside on chip. The design allows users to configure it as like there are three individual partition banks inside. They are called AP(application program) region, IAP(InApplication-Program) region and ISP(In-System-Program) boot region. AP region is the space that user program is resided. IAP(In-Application-Program) region is the nonvolatile data storage space that may be used to save important parameters by AP program. In other words, the IAP capability of STC89xx series provide the user to read/write the user-defined on-chip data flash region to save the needing in use of external EEPROM device. ISP boot region is the space that allows a specific program we calls “ISP program” is resided. I side the ISP region, the user can also enable read/write access to a small memory space to store parameters for specific purposes.


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STC89C52RC datasheet pinout

An 8-bit single-chip microcontroller is a type of microcontroller that has an 8-bit central processing unit (CPU) as its core and integrates various other components necessary for a microcontroller system within a single chip. These microcontrollers are widely used in a range of applications due to their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

STC89C52RC PDF Datasheet