STK-011 – Thick Film Hybrid IC

Part Number : STK-011

Function : Thick Film Hybrid IC

Manufactures : Sanyo

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discontrnuecl arescheduledto bediscontinued nearluture. Features r @lMS T ,1 C h a n n ebl y 1 Po w e rSu ppl y. I A F o u tp u tp o w e ro f S T K-0 11: 6 .5 Wmi n. r A F outputpow erof S TK -015:10Wmi n. r A F output pow erof S TK -016:15Wmi n. MAXIMUM RATINGSI Ta=25C” STK-01 STK-015 STK-O16 unit M a x i m u mSu p p l yVo l ta g e O p e r a t i n gC a s eT e m p e r a t u r e S t o r a g eT e m p e r a t u r e Vggmax(pin3 to 1) T6 Tstg 38 4854V 90 —+ -30 to +100 85 <-- 0C oc AllowableLoadShortingTime r s recommendedoperation condition, ratedoutput power, f=50H2 ---) 2 <- sec RE CO MME N D EDOP ER AT IONC O N D ITION/ Ta= 25" C STK-O1I STK-o15 STK-016untt fecommendedSupplyVoltage VCC Load Resistance Rg 25 888 32 38 V ohm OPERATIONCHARACTERISTICSlTa=25C, in recommendecdondition,Rg=600ohm,f=1kHz STK-011 STK-015 STK-016 unit OuiescenCt urrent lcco --+ 50 +- mAmax OutputPower Po THD=2.Oo/o 6.5 Wmin THD=1.0% 10 15- Wmin Vo l ta g eG a i n Distortion VG Po=0.1W THD Po=O.1W 35 33 1.0 0.5 33 dB 0.3 o/oftldx InputResistance ri Po=0.1W ---+ 40k <-- ohm Output Resistance l6 Po=0.1W 0.2 <- ohm P o w e rB a n d w i d t h P B W THD=2o/o-,3dB 30 to 30k Hz TH D = 1%-. 3dB 30to30k +- Hz E O UI VA L EN TC IR C U IT www.audiolabgaGom APPLICATION:AF PowerAmp. S 5^- Rf--l o -H- -l#- o6 o I I 2.2p/10Y srK -o 11 ,o15.O16 ?44 STK.01 STK.OI5 STK.O16 C1 47u/6.3Y 47p/6.3Y 47p/25u N c2 22p/ 25"t 22p/35Y 22p/35Y O O Rr c3 22p/ 25V 47p/25Y 47p/25Y r 4,8 c4 r]ffip l25u 1000p/35V 22ffip/35Y Rnr 3k 2 . ^ 2 . ^ S€€the oEration chatacietitti6 on lhi5 sp€catiotion. [...]

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STK-011 Datasheet

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