STK-4019 PDF – AF Power Amplifier

Part Number: STK-4019

Function: 6.5 TO 25E MIN AF POWER AMP

Manufacturer: Sanyo, ETC

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The STK-4019 is AF Power Amplifier.

An AF (Audio Frequency) power amplifier is an electronic device that amplifies low-frequency audio signals to drive speakers or other output devices. It is commonly used in audio systems, including stereo systems, amplifiers, public address systems, and home theater setups.

Here are some key points about AF power amplifiers:

1. Amplification of Audio Signals: AF power amplifiers are designed specifically to amplify audio signals in the audio frequency range, typically from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. They provide gain and power to drive speakers, allowing the audio signals to be reproduced at higher volumes.

2. Power Output: AF power amplifiers are characterized by their power output rating, which indicates the maximum amount of power they can deliver to the speakers. The power output is usually measured in watts (W). Higher power output ratings indicate the ability to drive speakers with greater volume and clarity.

3. Input Sensitivity: AF power amplifiers have an input sensitivity specification that defines the minimum input signal level required to produce the full power output. It determines how sensitive the amplifier is to the input audio signal.



STK-4019 PDF Datasheet