STR-G6153 PDF Datasheet – Flyback Switching Regulator

This post explains for the regulator STRG6153.

The Part Number is STR-G6153.

The function of this semiconductor is FLYBACK SWITCHING REGULATOR.

The package is TO-220 Type.

Manufacturer: Sanken

Image and Pinouts:

STR-G6153 pinout datasheet

Pin Descriptions :

1. D Drain terminal : MOSFET drain

2. OCP Over-current terminal : Input signal of detecting over-current in primary part

3. GND Ground terminal : Ground

4. FB Feed-Back terminal : Input signal of controlling constant voltage

5. Vcc Power terminal : Input control circuit power


This is Flyback Converter Switching Regulator for Laser Printer.


Quasi-Resonant Operation Output Power to 66 W Low-Loss, Pulse-Ratio-Control Standby Mode Temperature-Compensated Pulse-by-Pulse Over-Current Protection Latched Over-Voltage and Thermal Protection Under-Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis Active Low-Pass Filter for Enhanced Light-Load Stability Switched Attenuation of Leading-Edge Current-Sensing Signal Regulated Soft Gate Drive Adjustable Switching Speed for EMI Control Overmolded Five-Pin Package  […]

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STR-G6153 Datasheet

STR-G6153 pdf