STR-W6252D PDF Datasheet – PWM Switching Regulator

Part Number: STR-W6252D

Function: 60 W-Universal Input / 40 W-230 Vac Input PWM Switching Regulator

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: Sanken Electric, Allegro

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A PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) switching regulator is an electronic circuit that uses PWM techniques to efficiently regulate and control the output voltage or current of a power supply. PWM switching regulators are commonly used in various electronic devices and systems to convert an input voltage, often from a higher level to a lower level, while maintaining a stable and well-regulated output.

The STR-W6200D series are current-mode PWM ICs that incorporate controller chips. These devices are manufactured using a proprietary high-voltage BCD process, and avalanche guaranteed MOSFETs. These elements allow power supply systems designs that are highly reliable and simple, with fewer peripheral components.

Features and Benefits :

1. Overcurrent protection (OCP) with ac input voltage compensation function; no additional peripheral circuits required—minimizes dependency of OCP on ac input

2. Overload protection (OLP) with integrated timer reduces power stress (temperature rise) at overload condition, requires no peripheral components

3. Avalanche-guaranteed MOSFET improves device capability of withstanding excess surge voltage, providing a simple surge absorber circuit without breakdown voltage derating

4. Start-up circuit eliminates the need for a start-up resistor, and helps to reduce input power consumption Continued on the next page


Applicatons :

1. TV set top box

2. LCD PC monitor, LCD TV

3. Printer, scanner

4. General consumer, PC, and industrial application

STR-W6252D PDF Datasheet