STRW6253D Datasheet – PWM Switching Regulator

This post explains for the semiconductor STRW6253D.

The Part Number is STRW6253D.

The function of this semiconductor is 60 W-Universal Input/90 W-230 Vac Input PWM Switching Regulators.

Manufacturers : Allegro Microsystems

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Description :

STR-W6253D 60 W-Universal Input/90 W-230 Vac Input PWM Switching Regulators Features and Benefits ▪ Overcurrent protection (OCP) with ac input voltage compensation function; no additional peripheral circuits required—minimizes dependency of OCP on ac input ▪ Overload protection (OLP) with integrated timer reduces power stress (temperature rise) at overload condition, requires no peripheral components ▪ Avalanche-guaranteed MOSFET improves device capability of withstanding excess surge voltage, providing a simple surge absorber circuit without breakdown voltage derating ▪ Start-up circuit eliminates the need for a start-up resistor, and helps to reduce input power consumption Continued on the next page… Description The STR-W6200D series are current-mode PWM ICs that incorporate controller chips. These devices are manufactured using a proprietary high-voltage BCD process, and avalancheguaranteed MOSFETs. These elements allow power supply systems designs that are highly relia […]

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STRW6253D Datasheet

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