This post explains for the semiconductor STTA106.

The Part Number is STTA106.

The function of this semiconductor is TURBOSWITCH a ULTRA-FAST HIGH VOLTAGE DIODE.

Manufacturers : ST Microelectronics

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STTA106 image

Description :

® STTA106/U TURBOSWITCH ULTRA-FAST HIGH VOLTAGE DIODE MAIN PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS IF(AV) VRRM trr (typ) VF (max) 1A 600V 20ns 1.5V Features AND BENEFITS s s s s SPECIFIC TO FREEWHEEL MODE OPERATIONS : FREEWHEEL OR BOOSTER DIODE ULTRA-FAST AND SOFT RECOVERY VERY LOW OVERALL POWER LOSSES IN BOTH THE DIODE AND THE COMPANION TRANSISTOR HIGH FREQUENCY OPERATIONS SMB STTA106U DO-15 STTA106 Description The TURBOSWITCH is a very high performance series of ultra-fast high voltage power diodes. TURBOSWITCH family drastically cuts losses in both the diode and the associated switching IGBT and MOSFET in all freewheel mode operations and is particulary suitable and efficient in motor ABSOLUTE RATINGS (limiting values) Symbol VRRM IF(RMS) IFRM IFSM Tj Tstg Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage RMS forward current Repetitive peak forward current Surge non repetitive forward current tp = 5 µs F = 5kHz square tp = 10 ms sinusoidal Value 600 6 10 25 125 – 65 to + 150 Unit V A A A °C ° […]

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STTA106 Datasheet

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