SYN460R-FS12 PDF Datasheet – 1250Hz, ASK Receiver

Part Number: SYN460R-FS12

Function: 300-450MHz ASK Receiver

Package: SOP-8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Synoxo


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The SYN460R-FS12 is a single chip ASK/OOK (ON-OFF Keyed) RF receiver IC. This device is a true
“antenna-in to data-out” monolithic device. All RF and IF tuning are accomplished automatically
within the IC which eliminates manual tuning and reduces production costs. The result is a highly
reliable yet low cost solution.



1. 300MHz to 440MHz frequency range
2. High receiver sensitivity: -106dBm (315MHz), -107dBm (433MHz)
3. Data-rate up to 10kbps (fixed-mode)
3. 3.7mA fully operational (315MHz)
4. 0.9μA in shutdown
5. 370μA in polled operation (10:1 duty-cycle)
6. Wake-up output flag to enable decoders and microprocessors


1. Automotive Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
2. Remote controls
3. Remote fan and light control
4. Garage door and gate openers


SYN460R-FS12 Datasheet

SYN460R-FS12 pdf