TB2929AHQ Datasheet – 47W BTL x 4-ch Audio Power IC

This post explains for the semiconductor TB2929AHQ.

The Part Number is TB2929AHQ.

The function of this semiconductor is Maximum Power 47W BTL x 4-ch Audio Power IC.

Manufacturers : Toshiba

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Description :

Bi-CMOS Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TB2929AHQ(Tentative) Maximum Power 47W BTL × 4-ch Audio Power IC TB2929AHQ 1. Description The TB2929AHQ is a four-channel BTL power amplifier for car audio applications. This IC has a pure complementary P-ch and N-ch DMOS output stage, offering maximum output power (POUT MAX) of 47W. It includes a standby switch, mute function and various protection features. 2. Applications Power IC developed for car audio applications. Weight: 7.7 g (typ.) 3. Features • High output power, low distortion, and low noise property (for details, refer to the Table 3 1) • Build-in AUX-IN (pin25) • Built-in various mute functions (low voltage, standby on/off) • Built-in standby switch (pin4) • Built-in mute switch (pin22) • Built-in various protection circuits (thermal shut down, over-voltage, short to GND, short to VCC, and output to output short) Table3 typical Characteristics (Note1) Output power (POUT) VCC = 15.2 V, JEITA […]

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TB2929AHQ Datasheet

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