TC901 – Dual Auto-Zeroed Operational Amplifiers

Part Number : TC901

Function : Dual Auto-Zeroed Operational Amplifiers

Manufactures : Microchip Technology

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TC901 Dual Auto-Zeroed Operational Amplifiers Features s Second-Generation Monolithic, Chopper-Stabilized Op Amp s No External Capacitors Required s Single-Supply Operation … ±15V or 5V to 32V s Supply Current 450µA at 15V, Typ s Input Offset Voltage … 7µV, Typ s Common-Mode Rejection Ratio 140dB, Typ s Open-Loop Gain 140dB Into 10k Load, Typ s Input Noise . 5µV at 10Hz Bandwidth s Pinout Compatible With ICL7650 s Lowest Parts Count Chopper Op Amp PIN CONFIGURATION (DIP and SOIC) GENERAL Description The TC901 is a monolithic, auto-zeroed operational amplifier. It is a second-generation design of the TC91X CMOS chopper-stabilized op-amps with on-chip capacitors. Elimination of the external capacitors allows the designer to increase reliability, lower cost, and simplify design by lowering parts count. Since the TC901 is an auto-zeroing op amp, input offset voltage is very low. More important, there is almost zero drift with time. This eliminates production line adjustments, as well as periodic calibration. Notable electrical characteristics are low supply current (450µA, typical), single-supply operation (5V to 32V), low input offset voltage (7µV, typical), low noise (<5µVP-P, typical, for a 10Hz bandwidth), and fast recovery from saturation without the use of external clamp circuitry. This device is supplied in 8-pin plastic DIP and plastic SOIC packages. It is pin compatible with bipolar, CMOS, JFET and other chopper-stabilized op-amps using the industry-standard 741 pinout. NC 1 –INPUT 2 +INPUT 3 VSS 4 – + TC901CPA 8 NC 7 VDD 6 OUTPUT 5 NC NC 1 –INPUT 2 +INPUT 3 VSS 4 – + 8 NC 7 VDD 6 OUTPUT TC901COA 5 NC ORDERING INFORMATION Part No. TC901COA TC901CPA Package 8-Pin SOIC 8-Pin Plastic DIP Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C 0°C to +70°C NC = NO INTERNAL CONNECTION FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VDD 4 VSS 7 VOS CORRECTION AMPLIFIER TC901 A - B B - A +INPUT 3 –INPUT 2 + – INTERNAL OSCILLATOR (fOSC ≈ 200 Hz) + + – MAIN AMPLIFIER – LOW IMPEDANCE OUTPUT BUFFER 6 OUTPUT NOTE: Internal capacitors. No external capacitors required. © 2001 Microchip Technology Inc. DS21480A TC901- 7 9/5/96 Dual Auto-Zeroed Operational Amplifiers TC901 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS- Total Supply Voltage (VDD to VSS) ... +36V Input Voltage (VDD + 0.3V) to (VSS – 0.3V) Current Into Any Pin .10mA While Operating ... 100µA Storage Temperature Range – 65°C to +150°C Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec) . +300°C Operating Temperature Range C Device 0°C to +70°C Package Power Dissipation (TA ≤ 70°C) Plastic DIP ..730mW Plastic SOIC ... [...]

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TC901 Datasheet

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