TDA7265 Datasheet – 25 +25W STEREO AMPLIFIER

This post explains for the semiconductor TDA7265.

The Part Number is TDA7265.

The function of this semiconductor is 25 +25W STEREO AMPLIFIER.

Manufacturers : ST Microelectronics

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Description :

® TDA7265 25 +25W STEREO AMPLIFIER WITH MUTE & ST-BY WIDE SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE (UP TO ±25V ABS MAX.) SPLIT SUPPLY HIGH OUTPUT POWER 25 + 25W @ THD =10%, RL = 8Ω, VS = +20V NO POP AT TURN-ON/OFF MUTE (POP FREE) STAND-BY FEATURE (LOW Iq) SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION Description The TDA7265 is class AB dual Audio power amplifier assembled in the Multiwatt package, specially designed for high quality sound application as Hi-Fi music centers and stereo TV sets. Figure 1: Typical Application Circuit in Split Supply Multiwatt11 ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7265 15K 1µF MUTE/ ST-BY IN (L) 5 7 1µF +5V µP 15K 18K GND 9 1µF IN (R) 11 D94AU085 +VS 3 1000µF + – + 1 1000µF 4 OUT (L) 18K 4.7Ω 8 IN- (L) 100nF 560Ω 10 IN- (R) 560Ω 18K 2 OUT (R) 4.7Ω 6 -VS 100nF RL (L) RL (R) April 2002 1/11 TDA7265 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VS IO Ptot Top Tstg, Tj Parameter DC Supply Voltage Output Peak Current (internally limited) Power Dissipation T […]

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TDA7265 Datasheet

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