TDA8361 Datasheet – Integrated PAL and PAL/NTSC TV processors

This post explains for the semiconductor TDA8361.

The Part Number is TDA8361.

The function of this semiconductor is Integrated PAL and PAL/NTSC TV processors.

Manufacturer: NXP

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INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET TDA8360; TDA8361; TDA8362 Integrated PAL and PAL/NTSC TV processors Objective specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 March 1994 Philips Semiconductors Philips Semiconductors Objective specification Integrated PAL and PAL/NTSC TV processors Features Available in TDA8360, TDA8361 and TDA8362 • Vision IF amplifier with high sensitivity and good differential gain and phase • Multistandard FM sound demodulator (4.5 MHz to 6.5 MHz) • Integrated chrominance trap and bandpass filters (automatically calibrated) • Integrated luminance delay line • RGB control circuit with linear RGB inputs and fast blanking • Horizontal synchronization with two control loops and alignment-free horizontal oscillator without external components • Vertical count-down circuit (50/60 Hz) and vertical preamplifier • Low dissipation (700 mW) • Small amount of peripheral components compared with competition ICs • Only one adjustment (vision IF demodu […]

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TDA8361 Datasheet

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