This post explains for the semiconductor TEA-2025.

The Part Number is TEA-2025.

The function of this semiconductor is STEREO AUDIO AMPLIFIER.

Manufacturers : ST Microelectronics

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Description :

TEA2025B TEA2025D STEREO AUDIO AMPLIFIER DUAL OR BRIDGE CONNECTION MODES FEW EXTERNAL COMPONENTS SUPPLY VOLTAGE DOWN TO 3V HIGH CHANNEL SEPARATION VERY LOW SWITCH ON/OFF NOISE MAX GAIN OF 45dB WITH ADJUST EXTERNAL RESISTOR SOFT CLIPPING THERMAL PROTECTION 3V < VCC < 15V P = 2 • 1W, VCC = 6V, RL = 4Ω P = 2 • 2.3W, VCC = 9V, RL = 4Ω P = 2 • 0.1W, VCC = 3V, RL = 4Ω ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VS POWERDIP 12+2+2 SO20 (12+4+4) ORDERING NUMBERS: TEA2025B (PDIP) TEA2025D (SO) Description The TEA2025B/D is a monolithic integrated circuit in 12+2+2 Powerdip and 12+4+4 SO, intended for use as dual or bridge power audio amplifier portable radio cassette players. Parameter Supply Voltage Ouput Peak Current Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Test Conditions 15 Unit V IO TJ Tstg 1.5 150 150 A °C °C BLOCK DIAGRAM GND(Sub) IN 1+ FEED 50Ω GND GND BOOT 1 OUT 1 THERMAL PROTECT. 10KΩ START CIRCUIT SVR + 1 1 5KΩ DECOUPLING 50Ω VS+ BRIDGE IN 2+ + 2 10KΩ [...]

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TEA-2025 Datasheet

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