TEC1-12704 Datasheet – Thermoelectric cooling module

This post explains for the semiconductor TEC1-12704.

The Part Number is TEC1-12704.

The function of this semiconductor is Thermoelectric cooling module.

Manufacturers : WELLEN TECHNOlOGY

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TEC1-12704 SPECIFICATION APPROVAL SHEET Customer: Products : Part No.: Application: Thermoelectric cooling module TEC1-12704 Customer Approval: MADE BY CHECKED BY APPROVED BY No:WTEC1-12704 Date:2009-06-02 SHENZHEN WELLEN TECHNOlOGY CO.,LTD www.wellentech.com Page 1 TEC1-12704 SPECIFICATION 1, Scope 1-1,This specification is applied to thermo-modules supplied by Shenzhen Wellen Technology Co.Ltd. 1-2,Revision of these specifications is carried out after both deliberation consent. 2.Parameters Internal resistance Imax. Vmax. Qmax. ⊿Tmax. Solder melting point Maximum. compress. Parameters 3.02 Ω ± 10% 4.0 A 15.4 V Th=27℃ 36.8 W 67 ℃ 138℃ 1MPa Remarks Note-1 Note-2 Note-3 Note-4 Note-5 Note-6 Note-7 Note-8 Note-1 Measured by AC 4-terminal method at 27℃. Note-2 Maximum current at ⊿Tmax. Note-3 Maximum voltage at ⊿Tmax. Note-4 The temperature of the TEC hotside during the operation. Note-5 Maximum cooling capacity at Imax.,Vmax. and ⊿T=0℃. Note-6 M […]

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TEC1-12704 Datasheet

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