TIP100 Datasheet – Darlington NPN Power Transistors

This post explains for the semiconductor TIP100.

The Part Number is TIP100.

The function of this semiconductor is Darlington NPN Power Transistors.

Manufacturers : TAITRON

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Description :

Darlington Power Transistors (NPN) TIP100/101/102 Darlington Power Transistors (NPN) Features • Designed for general-purpose amplifier and low speed switching applications • RoHS Compliant Mechanical Data Case: Terminals: Weight: TO-220, Plastic Package Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208 0.08 ounces, 2.24 grams TO-220 Maximum Ratings (T Ambient=25ºC unless noted otherwise) Symbol Description TIP100 VCBO Collector-Base Voltage 60 VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage 60 VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage IC Collector Current Continuous ICM Collector Current Peak IB Base Current Power Dissipation upto TC=25°C PD Power Dissipation upto TA=25°C Power Dissipation Derate above TA=25°C RθJA Thermal Resistance from Junction to Ambient in Free Air RθJC Thermal Resistance from Junction to Case TJ, TSTG Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range TIP101 80 80 5.0 8.0 15 1.0 80 2.0 16 62.5 1.56 -65 to +150 TIP102 100 100 Unit V V V A A A W W mW/° C ° C /W ° C / […]

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TIP100 Datasheet

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