TS1620B-7 Datasheet – LCD Module

This post explains for the semiconductor TS1620B-7.

The Part Number is TS1620B-7.

The function of this semiconductor is LCD Module.

Manufacturers : ETC

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Specification For LCD Module TS1620B-7 高框(V1.0) MODULE: CUSTOMER: TS1620B-7(V1.0) REV 1 Description FIRST ISSUE DATE 2008.01.15 IDW APREPARED BY CHECKED BY APPROVED BY INITIAL JC LIANG DATE 2008.01.15 CUSTOMER APPROVED BY INITIAL DATE DATE REV 1 2008.01.15 CHANGE DETAIL FIRST ISSUE ORIGINATOR JC LIANG REMARKS TS620A-21 LCD Module Specification Ver1.0 Page 2 of 12 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Features 2.0 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM 3.0 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 4.0 MECHANICAL PARAMETERS 5.0 PIN ASSIGNMENT 6.0 POWER SUPPLY BLOCK DIAGRAM 7.0 AC CHARACTERISTICS 8.0 CONTROL AND DISPLAY COMMAND 9.0 DIMENSIODIAGRAM TS620A-21LCD Module Specification Ver1.0 Page 3 of 12 1.0 Features y Display Mode: STN, Yellow green, Transflective Positive y Display forma: 16 Character x 2 Line y Viewing Direction: 6:00 clock y Display Font : 5 x 8 Dots y Driving Scheme : 1/16Duty,1/5Bias y Power Supply : Single Power […]

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TS1620B-7 Datasheet

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