TSUMV59XUS Datasheet – Single Chip Solution

This post explains for the semiconductor TSUMV59XUS.

The Part Number is TSUMV59XUS.

The function of this semiconductor is Highly Integrated Single Chip Solution for Analog TV System.

Manufacturers : MStar

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TSUMV59XUS http://www.wellchip.com Preliminary Data Sheet Version 0.1 Attention Please: Under the technology license agreement between MStar and Dolby/SRS/BBE/DivX/Microsoft/QSound, MStar is obliged not to provide samples that incorporate Dolby/SRS/BBE/DivX/Microsoft/QSound technology to any third party who is not a qualified licensee of Dolby/SRS/BBE/DivX/Microsoft/QSound respectively. Features TSUMV59XUS is a highly integrated single chip solution for analog TV systems supporting TV channel and various multi-media decoding Key features includes, 1. Analog TV Front-End Demodulator 2. Multi-Standard A/V Format Decoder 3. The MStarACE-6 Video Processor 4. Home Theater Sound Processor 5. Embedded Memory for optimized BOM cost 6. Transport-Stream Input for Extended DTV System 7. Peripherals and Low-Power Standby Mode n n n n n n High Performance Micro-processor Ÿ High speed/performance 32-bit RISC CPU Ÿ Two full duplex UARTs Ÿ Supports USB and ISP programming Ÿ DMA Engine MPEG […]

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TSUMV59XUS Datasheet

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