TT2076 PDF – Small kVA 3 Phase Isolation Transformer

Part Number: TT2076

Function: 2000VA, Small kVA 3 Phase Isolation Transformer

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: TEMCo




This is Three-Phase, 2000 VA, Small kVA 3 Phase Isolation Transformer.


1. Copper windings

2. 1.5 to 2 week build time

3. Soldily fixed terminals with standard combination slotted Robertson head screw connections facilitate wiring.

4. Built with heat-proof insulation for compact size and long life.

5. Unique bobbin-wound coils for greater efficiency, superior heat evacuation, and compact structure.

Optional Features:

1. NEMA 4/4x
2. Encapsulation
3. Other voltages/multiple tap
4. Electrostatic shield […]

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Other Information :

1. TT2076 Transistor – 800V, NPN, Sanyo

TT2076 Datasheet