TT2222 Datasheet – (TT2217 – TT2231) Control Transformer

Part Number: TT2222

Function: (TT2217 – TT2231) Control Transformer

Manufacturer: TEMCo


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INDUSTRIAL POWER SUPPLY TEMCo Control Transformer – Data Sheet Input Voltage: Output Voltage: Product Features: Built to order FAST in 1 week 10 Year Warranty – Guaranteed to Last. Copper Windings – Standard on all units. 130°C Insulation class. 80°C temperature rise (25-1000 VA models). 155°C Insulation class. 100°C temperature rise (1500-7500 VA models). Easy Wiring – Solid terminals with combination screw connections. Clear Terminals Marking – Identi ed with additive polarity markings. Versatile – Models with multi-voltage primary and secondary increase applications possible. Silicon Steel Lamination – Minimize core losses and increase e ciency. Excellent Regulation – Designs incorporate precision wound coils layers and exceed NEMA requirements. High E ciency and Heat Dissipation – Every coil is precision bobbin-wound . Versatile Mounting – Vertically or horizontally. CSA Certi ed & UL Listed CE veri ed up to and including 5000 VA. 600 220 TT2217 – TT2231 TEMCo Industrial Con […]

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TT2222 Datasheet

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