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Preliminary TTP223-BA6 TTP223N-BA6 TonTouchTM 1 KEY TOUCH PAD DETECTOR IC GENERAL Description The TTP223-BA6/TTP223N-BA6 TonTouchTM is a touch pad detector IC which offers 1 touch key. The touching detection IC is designed for replacing traditional direct button key with diverse pad size. Low power consumption and wide operating voltage are the contact key features for DC or AC application. Features ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Operating voltage 2.0V~5.5V Operating current @VDD=3V, no load At low power mode typical 1.5uA, maximum 3.0uA The response time max 220mS at low power mode @VDD=3V Sensitivity can adjust by the capacitance(0~50pF) outside Stable touching detection of human body for replacing traditional direct switch key Provides Low Power mode Provides direct mode、toggle mode by pad option(TOG pin) Q pin is CMOS output All output modes can be selected active high or active low by pad option(AHLB pin) After power-on have about 0.5sec stable-time, during the time do not touch the key pad, And the function is disabled Auto calibration for life At low power mode the re-calibration period is about 4.0sec normally, When key detected touch and released touch, the auto re-calibration will be redoing after about 16sec from releasing key The sensitivity of TTP223N-BA6 is better than TTP223-BA6’s. But the stability of TTP223N-BA6 is worse than TTP223-BA6’s. ƒ APPLICATION ƒ ƒ Wide consumer products Button key replacement 09’/11/30 Page 1 of 8 Ver : 2.1 Free Datasheet http:/// Preliminary BLOCK DIAGRAM I Sensor oscillator circuit Sensor & Reference detecting circuit TTP223-BA6 TTP223N-BA6 TonTouchTM Q Output mode & driver circuit Timing counter Touch detecting circuit System oscillator circuit Key-on & timing control TOG AHLB PACKAGE LIST Package Type SOT-23-6L TTP223-BA6 and TTP223N-BA6 PACKAGE CONFIGURATION TTP223-BA6 AHLB TOG VDD TTP223N-BA6 AHLB I 3 4 TOG 6 1 VDD 223NB (Latter 4 digit) 6 5 4 223B (Latter 4 digit) Lot No. 2 Lot No. 2 VSS 1 VSS Q 3 PAD Description Pad No. Pad Name I/O Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pin Type I O I/O I-PL P Pad Description CMOS output pin Negative power supply, ground Input sensor port Output active high or low selection, 1=>Active low; 0(Default)=>Active high Positive power supply Output type option pin, 1=>Toggle mode; 0(Default)=>Direct mode Q VSS I AHLB VDD TOG O P I/O I-PL P I-PL CMOS input only CMOS push-pull output CMOS I/O CMOS input and pull-low resister Power / Ground 09’/11/30 Page 2 of 8 Q I 5 Ver : 2.1 Free Datasheet http:// Preliminary ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS ‧Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Symbol Operating Temperature TOP Storage Temperature TSTG Power Supply Voltage VDD Input Voltage VIN Human Body Mode ESD Note:VSS symbolizes for system ground Conditions ─ ─ Ta=25°C Ta=25°C ─ TTP223-BA6 TTP223N-BA6 TonTouchTM Value -40 ~ +85 -50 ~ +125 VSS-0.3 ~ VSS+5.5 VSS-0.3 ~ VDD+0.3 4 Unit ℃ ℃ V V KV ‧DC […]

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TTP223N-BA6 Datasheet

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