UP6182 – Dual Synchronous Buck Controller

Part Number : UP6182

Function : Dual Synchronous Buck Controller

Manufactures : uPI Semiconductor

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uP6182 Dual Synchronous Buck Controller with 5V/3.3V 100mA LDOs for Notebook System Power General Description The uP6182 is a dual synchronous buck controller with 5V/3.3V 100mA LDOs for notebook system power supply solution. A 250kHz VCLK output can be used for external charge pump to generate gate drive voltage for load switches. The uP6182 supports high efficiency, fast transient response and a combined power-good signal. The out of audio mode maintains the switching frequency above audio frequency, which eliminates noise in audio applications. The adaptive on-time control provides a convenient and efficient operation. The uP6182 has internal soft-start to control the inrush current. The soft-stop feature avoids negative output voltage for undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and shutdown by discharging output through an internal switch, and by damping the inductor current. Supply input voltages ranging from 5.5V to 26V and output voltages from 2V to 5.5V. Other features include overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, power-up sequencing, power OK output, and thermal shutdown. The uP6182 is available in the space saving package VQFN4x4-24L, specified from -40 OC to 85 OC. † Two Synchronous Buck Controllers † Output Voltage Range: 2V to 5.5V † Selectable Audio Mode in Light Load † Internal 1.6ms Output Voltage Softstart † Adaptive On Time Control Architecture † 4500ppm/OC RDS(ON) Current Sensing † 100mA 5V/3.3V LDO with Switches † 1% 2V Reference Voltage Output † Power Good Output † OVP/UVP/OCP † Thermal Shutdown † VQFN4x4-24L † RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free Features † Wide Input Voltage Range: 5.5V to 26V Pin Configuration SKIPSEL 14 VCLK LDO5 GND EN0 13 12 11 10 25 PGND BOOT1 POK VO1 22 23 24 1 EN1 2 VFB1 3 VREF 4 TONSEL 5 VFB2 6 EN2 9 8 7 BOOT2 LDO3 VO2 LGATE2 PHASE2 UGATE2 VIN 16 Applications † Notebook and Subnotebook System Power Supplies † 3-4 Cell Li-Ion Battery-Power Devices † Dual Output Supplies for DSP, Memory, Logic and Microprocessor LGATE1 PHASE1 UGATE1 19 20 21 18 17 15 Ordering Information Order Number uP6182AQAG Package Type VQFN4x4 – 24L Remark Note: uPI products are compatible with the current IPC/ JEDEC J-STD-020 requirements. They are halogen-free, RoHS compliant and 100% matte tin (Sn) plating that are suitable for use in SnPb or Pb-free soldering processes. uPI Semiconductor Corp., http://www.upi-semi.com Rev. F00, File Name: uP6182-DS-F0001 1 Free Datasheet http:/// uP6182 Typical Application Circuit VREF 6 EN2 5 VFB2 4 TONSEL 3 VREF 2 VFB1 1 EN1 VO1 24 POK LDO3 BOOT2 UGATE2 PHASE2 SKIPSEL LGATE2 EN0 POK 23 VREG5 25 GND BOOT1 22 UGATE1 21 PHASE1 20 LGATE1 19 VCLK LDO5 GND VIN VO1 = 5V/6A VIN 18 7 3.3V/100mA VIN 8 9 10 VO2 VO2 = 3.3V/6A 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 VREG5 5V/100mA EN0 VREF VO1 VIN = 5.5~26V 15V/10mA uPI Semiconductor Corp., http://www.upi-semi.com Rev. F00, File Name: uP6182-DS-F0001 2 […]

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UP6182 Datasheet

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