UP6281 – 12V MOSFET Drivers

Part Number : UP6281

Function : 12V MOSFET Drivers

Manufactures : uPI Semiconductor

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Description :

uP6281 12V MOSFET Drivers with Output Disable for Single Phase Synchronous-Rectified Buck Converter General Description The uP6281 is a dual, high voltage MOSFET driver optimized for driving two N-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronousrectified buck converter. Each driver is capable of driving a 5000pF load with 30ns transition time. This device combined with uPI multi-phase buck PWM controller forms a complete core voltage regulator for advanced micro-processors. The uP6281 features adaptive anti-shoot-through protection that prevents cross-conduction of the external MOSFET while maintains minimum deadtime for optimized efficiency. Both gate drives are turned off by pulling low OD# pin or high-impedance at PWM pin, preventing rapid output capacitor discharge during system shutdowns. Other feature is supply input under voltage lockout. The uP6281 is available in thermal enhanced PSOP-8L or WDFN3x3-8L packages. † Bootstrapped High-Side Driver † Adaptive Anti-Shoot-Through Protection Circuitry † 1 PWM Signal Generates both Drivers † Tri-State Input for Bridge Shutdown † Output Disable Control Turns Off both MOSFETs † Under Voltage Lockout for Supply Input † PSOP-8L or WDFN3x3-8L Packages † RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free Features † All-In-One Synchronous Buck Drivers Ordering Information Order Number uP6281ASU8 uP6281ADD8 Package Type PSOP – 8L WDFN3x3 – 8L Remark Applications † Core Voltage Supplies for Desktop, Motherboard CPUs † High Frequency Low Profile DC/DC Converters † High Current Low Voltage DC/DC Converters Note: uPI products are compatible with the current IPC/ JEDEC J-STD-020 requirement. They are halogen-free, RoHS compliant and 100% matte tin (Sn) plating that are suitable for use in SnPb or Pb-free soldering processes. Pin Configuration & Typical Application Circuit BOOT PWM OD# VCC 1 2 GND 3 4 PSOP-8L BOOT PWM OD# VCC 1 2 3 4 WDFN3x3-8L GND 8 7 6 5 UGATE PHASE GND LGATE VCC 8 7 6 5 UGATE PHASE GND LGATE PWM Input 1 BOOT UGATE 8 2 PWM PHASE 7 3 OD# 4 VCC GND 6 LGATE 5 VIN VOUT uPI Semiconductor Corp., http://www.upi-semi.com Rev. F03, File Name: uP6281-DS-F0300 1 Free Datasheet http:// uP6281 Functional Block Diagram BOOT VCC UVLO Adaptive Shoot-Through Protection UGATE OD# Output Disable PHASE PWM Adaptive Shoot-Through Protection VCC LGATE GND Functional Pin Description N o. 1 2 3 4 Pin Name Pin Function BOOT PWM OD# VC C Bootstrap Supply for the floating upper gate driver. Connect the bootstrap capacitor CBOOT between BOOT pin and the PHASE pin to form a bootstrap circuit. The bootstrap capacitor provides the charge to turn on the upper MOSFET. Ensure that CBOOT is placed near the IC. PWM Input. This pin receives logic level input and controls the driver outputs. Output Disable. This pin disables normal operation and forces both UGATE and LGATE off when it is pulled low. Supply Voltage for the IC. This pin provides bias voltage for the IC. Connect this pin to 12V voltage source and bypa […]

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UP6281 Datasheet

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