UTC1517P – 2 x 6W stereo power amplifier

Part Number : UTC1517P

Function : 2 x 6W stereo power amplifier

Manufactures : YOUWANG

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Description :

UTC1517 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT 2×6 W stereo power amplifier Description The UTC1517 is an integrated class-B dual output amplifier in a plastic single in-line medium power package with fin and a plastic heat-dissipating dual in-line package. The device is primarily developed for multi-media applications. Features Requires very few external components High output power Fixed gain Good ripple rejection Mute/standby switch AC and DC short-circuit safe to ground and VP Thermally protected Reverse polarity safe Capability to handle high energy on outputs (VP = 0 V) No switch-on/switch-off plop Electrostatic discharge protection. QUICK REFERENCE DATA SYMBOL VP IORM Iq(tot) Isb Isw |ZI| Po SVRR cs Gv Vno(rms) Tc PARAMETER supply voltage repetitive peak output current total quiescent current standby current switch-on current input impedance output power supply voltage ripple rejection channel separation closed loop voltage gain noise output voltage (RMS value) crystal temperature RL =4 ; THD = 0.5% RL =4 ; THD = 10% fi = 100 Hz to 10 kHz CONDITIONS MIN. 6.0 50 48 40 19 TYP. 14.4 40 0.1 5 6 20 50 MAX. 18.0 2.5 80 100 40 21 150 k W W dB dB dB V UNIT V A mA A A YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 1 2010.03.02 V1.0 http:// UTC1517 BLOCK DIAGRAM LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 2 2010.03.02 V1.0 http:// UTC1517 PINNING SYMBOL -INV1 SGND SVRR OUT1 PGND OUT2 VP M/SS -INV2 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT PIN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Description non-inverting input 1 signal ground supply voltage ripple rejection output output 1 power ground output 2 supply voltage mute/standby switch input non-inverting input 2 YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 3 2010.03.02 V1.0 http:// UTC1517 LIMITING VALUES SYMBOL VP VP(sc) VP(r) ERGO IOSM IORM Ptot Tstg Tamb Tc PARAMETER supply voltage LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT CONDITIONS MIN. VP =0V see Fig.4 -55 -40 MAX. 18 18 6 200 4 2.5 15 +150 +85 150 UNIT V V V mJ A A W °C °C °C In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 134). AC and DC short-circuit safe voltage reverse polarity energy handling capability at outputs non-repetitive peak output current repetitive peak output current total power dissipation storage temperature operating ambient temperature crystal temperature THERMAL RESISTANCE SYMBOL Rth j-p Rth j-a PARAMETER thermal resistance from junction to pins thermal resistance from junction to ambient VALUE 15 50 UNIT K/W K/W YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 4 2010.03.02 V1.0 http:// UTC1517 DC CHARACTERISTICS LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT MIN. 6.0 see Fig.5 VI(max) =1V; fi =20Hzto15kHz 8.5 TYP. 14.4 40 6.95 12 MAX. 18.0 80 2 100 40 UNIT V mA V V mV A A VP = 14.4 V; Tamb = 25 °C; measured in Fig.6; unless otherwise specified. SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS Supply VP Iq(tot) VO V8 VO Isb Vsw supply voltage total quiescent current DC output voltage switch-on voltage level output signal in mute position DC current in standby con […]

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UTC1517P Datasheet

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