This post explains for the semiconductor UTC78040.

The Part Number is UTC78040.

The function of this semiconductor is VERTICAL DEFLECTION IC.


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UTC78040 image

Description :

UTC78040 VERTICAL DEFLECTION IC Description The UTC78040 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for use in the vertical deflection circuit of monitor and small color television receivers. LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT FEATURE – Built-in power amp. – Built-in blanking generator – Built-in thermal protection – Large output current:1.8Ap-p – High maximum voltage – DC coupling application TO-220B-7L ORDERING INFORMATION DEVICE UTC78040 PACKAGE TO-220B-7L BLOCK DIAGRAM 2 6 3 1 Input(-) Blanking Pulse Power Amp. Output 5 7 Input(+) Thermal Protection GND 4 YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 1 2008.03.07 V1.1 Free Datasheet http:/// UTC78040 PIN CONFIGURATION Pin no. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT Pin name Input(-) Vcc2 Blanking pulse GND Output Bootstrap Input(+) ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25°C ) Characteristics Supply Voltage (2pin to 4pin) Output Supply Voltage (5pin to 4pin) Maximum Peak Output Current Thermal Resistance Maximum Power Dissipation […]

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UTC78040 Datasheet

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