UTC78045 – TV and CRT Display Vertical Output IC

Part Number : UTC78045

Function : TV and CRT Display Vertical Output IC


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UTC78045 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT TV and CRT Display Vertical Output IC with Bus Control Support Description The UTC78045 is a vertical deflection output for high image quality TV and CRT displays that supports the use of a bus control system signal-processing IC. The sawtooth waveform the bus control system signal-processing IC can directly drive the deflection yoke (including the DC component). FUNCTIONS – Built-in pump-up circuit for low power dissipation. – Vertical output circuit. – Thermal protection circuit. SPECIFICATIONS MAXIMUM RATINGS at Ta=25 Parameter Symbol Pump-up block supply voltage +B2 max Output block supply voltage +B6 max Allowable power dissipation Pd max Deflection output current I5 max Thermal resistance j-c Operating temperature Topr Storage temperature Tstg Conditions Mounted on an arbitrarily large heat sink Ratings 45 92 9 -1.5 to +1.5 3 -20 to +85 -40 to +150 Unit V V W Ap-o /W YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 1 2009.08.20 V1.0 UTC78045 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT OPERATING CONDITIONS at Ta=25 Parameter Symbol Recommended supply voltage +B2 Operating supply voltage range +B2op Deflection output current I5p-p Conditions Ratings 30 16 to 43 To 3.0 Unit V V Ap-p OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS at Ta=25 , +B2=24V Parameter Symbol Conditions Ratings min typ max Deflection output saturation voltage(lower) Vsat5-4 I5=1.1A 1.5 Deflection output saturation voltage(upper) Vsat6-5 I5= -1.1A 3.5 Pump-up charge saturation voltage Vsat3-4 I3=20mA 1.8 Pump-up discharge saturation voltage Vsat2-3 I3= -1.1A 3.2 Idling current Idl 50 Midpoint voltage Vmind 14.0 15.0 16.0 Note:Current flowing into the IC is positive(+) and current flowing out is negative(-). Unit V V V V mA V YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 2 2009.08.20 V1.0 UTC78045 BLOCK DIAGRAM LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 3 2009.08.20 V1.0 UTC78045 LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT APPLICATION CIRCUIT EXAMPLE 1(SIGNAL POWER SUPPLY) APPLICATION CIRCUIT EXAMPLE 2(DUAL POWER SUPPLY) YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 4 2009.08.20 V1.0 UTC78045 PACKAGE OUTLINE TO-220B-7L E D b e e1 e2 E1 P LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT UNIT mm A A1 A3 A2 c A4 YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 5 2009.08.20 V1.0 […]

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UTC78045 Datasheet

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